Latest News!

Hey guys,

A update is out live now for our New GTA Miami server, come and check it out, updates include;


Server IP:

New V-Fire system, dynamic fire now brought into Garry’s Mod, its awesome; fires will be caused during explosives gun battles; Cars exploding; entities exploding & Staff made events.

Fires can be put out with a Fire extinguisher.


Bank Robbery System:

Downtown bank now has a value inside. It’s the job of the Government and bank agency to prevent robberies and keep the bank open for business for the citizens of Miami.


New Faction:

We will be adding the all loved Niko Bellic and his henchmen into the sprawling Miami City; this faction will be a replacement for the Ballas and is whitelisted (except recruit); you can join by going recruit and raising through the ranks.


Casino slots will be added to the casino so players are able to bet their luck!


Client Stability patches:

We have also sent live a number of client hotfix issues which could result in crashes or FPS drops.


Come check it out <3

Harland Kearney,

Werwolf Gaming Founder

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Enjoy guys,

Harland Kearney,

Werwolf Gaming Founder

Hey guys,

The server has been very well received besides from one major bug we had been working on patching over the past week, client crashing has now been fixed.

We know this is very important to you as before it was more difficult to base/roleplay for the long run now the issue has been resolved we hope you enjoy.




Change Log:

  • Client crashing between 15 Minutes-2 hours of gameplay fixed.
  • Improvements to server side and client side performance.
  • Changes to the economy.
  • Weed has been added.
  • Optimisations to Drugz mod
  • VCMod/ELS updated
  • Bitcoin printers updated


To be re-added within 72 hours:

  • Re-adding V-Fire
  • Re-adding a Bank Robbery system

We hope you enjoy

Harland Kearney

Werwolf Gaming Founder