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SCP breaches are now done automatically every 30 minutes, this system will drastically improve both the number and quality of breaches.


Every 30 minutes the SCP's will be prompted with a message in chat, that gives them the ability to breach given that they type the random sequence of numbers that show up. (important: only the FIRST SCP that types the random sequence of numbers will breach, mass breaches will not happen, as of now).

SCP’s who fail to exit their cell 20 seconds after committing to a breach will be automatically contained. After 10 minutes of an ongoing breach (automatic ones, staff can do longer events still) the SCP will be automatically contained regardless if they are in their cell or not. This is important to prevent excessive breaches/abuse.

This is a majorly requested update and we are happy to have delivered it to you and really hope you check it out and enjoy.

On top of this. We will be revamping the containment procedures for a number of current SCP's. This will be done one by one over the next few weeks. 


Most SCP’s require both VIP’s and Levels. VIP can be purchased on our store and levels are gained either by purchasing on the store or through gameplay/activity over time. To further celebrate the update we are doing a sale on all levels!

Our Store Link: Store for VIP and Levels

A big thanks to Tomsa for putting his time and effort into coding and designing the new breaching system, it would not be possible without him. Thank him if you see him!

Thank you,

Harland Kearney, SCP Hierarchy & Tom

WW2-NRP February Update Released

Walter SITE ADMINCO-FOUNDER posted Feb 2, 19

Hello, everyone.

As of now, we have finished loading the latest WW2 update on the server. This includes a lot of new content which I have summarized for you below:

  • New Waffen-SS playermodels.
  • Schutzstaffel command structure changes.
  • Return of the Ordnungspolizei as the main police company.
  • New special-tactics police company (4th SS).
  • Minor patching and bug fixes.
  • VIP jobs tweaked.

For a more comprehensive list of changes, feel free to refer to the corresponding post in the WW2 Development section:


Best regards,


Werwolf Gaming Co-Founder

Hey guys,

We have released a new update & patch for Star Wars RP to improve the gameplay experience for you guys.

  • Main changes paraphrased are:
  • New event maps
  • Adjustments to the Jedi Wiltos skill tree system; a new starter skill tree (free). A wide range of bug fixes to do with refunding. Points will no longer go missing upon resetting your character progression.
  • Balancing to weapons and a few additional weapons added
  • New models added for Regiments, event models and disguise seller models.
  • Bug Fixes

I have not listed the extensive bug fixes here to keep the post short if you wanna check out our Star Wars RP server here is the connection info




Harland Kearney,

Werwolf Gaming Founder