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Hey guys;

In this post, I will be talking about the map update (which supports the new content) for a full change list wait for the big update log which will be in the development area in the next 48 hours.


Server IP:

Sale on all the server's packages:

We have designed a new map from scratch to better suit a 128 slot servers needs. I will list the primary features of the map below:


Facility Changes:

  • Class D area now contains 4x as many bunks as original
  • Class D area contains a cafeteria area. Facility staff/visitors also have their own cafeteria
  • Class D area now has a dedicated checkpoint control room. This will vastly improve RP and reduce the amount RDM cases from the previous checkpoint.
  • A new medical bay has been added for roleplay
  • An Interrogation room has been added to the facility.
  • A Jail has been added to the facility to lock up individuals.
  • A new security checkpoint in EZ enabling to lock down the facility in its control room.
  • General changes to appearance overall. Improved lighting, improved textures in some area.


Surface Changes:

  • Day and night cycle custom coded into the map! No silly gmod store script; instead we have designed it inside hammer to give it a good look. Dynamic lights change as time goes on through the day.
  • Bank added
  • Nightclub added.
  • Environmental changes, the map is now in a winter/freezing setting adding more atmosphere and character to the dark “eastern” landscape of the map.

We hope you enjoy,

Harland Kearney

Werwolf Gaming Founder