Latest News!


Hey guys;

The new Lightsaber crafting system has finally dropped! You can customize, create and invent your own Lightsaber setups.

The way this works is that players can fill up their inventory with Crystals, Lightsaber Hilts, blueprints and other upgrades. There are over 160 different items to collect and use to customize your Jedi bringing massive diversity to the Jedi faction for the first time on our server. We are using a rarity system so certain crystals like for E.G Unstably inner dark crystals will spawn extremely rarely on the server.

For those who wish to support the new system financially, we also allow certain items to be purchased for a donation to the Community:

Build your Lightsaber via the Store

Please note; ALL ITEMS can be granted ingame, so there are no strictly restricted pay to win items.


Other Patch notes:

  • Fixed force leap power bug; removed cool down.
  • Fixed Dual lightsaber not attacking consistently; can now attack whilst in movement.
  • Made minor typo fixes to Skill Trees
  • Minor typo fixes to adverts and GUI
  • Performance improvements in backend code (better pings)
  • Updated TFA to the latest version, new animations and better code for both server and client side performance.




We hope you enjoy this fresh December quick patch; there will be more to come over the month <3,

Harland Kearney,

Werwolf Gaming Founder,