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Massive Gta Miami Rehaul Update, Check It Out

By [W-G] Harland SITE ADMINFOUNDER - Posted Nov 16, 18
Hey guys,
The GTA server has been out for little over a month and it's been great pleasure running it for you guys. There has been a amazing amount of feedback from the playerbase which we have now taken to the blue board and implemented into the server; below I will list the major changes, we really hope you check it out.
Grand Theft Auto Miami IP:
(We are located inside DarkRP)
Change Log:
Updated map to the V2 version;
Prison is now on the map;
Industrial area open
Improved Visual aesthetic, 100’s of minor graphical changes;
Fixed bugs and improved client side performance whilst using the map;
Improved usage of roads and infrastructure (less bugs during driving)
Added new unique characters for users to play these including:
Wu Zi Mu
Mad Dogg
Kent Paul
Ken Rosenberg
OG Loc
Phil Collins
We have also brought back a number of older PS2 skins used during the first release of the server.
New Mining system implemented to help players produce money legally. You can mine different ores and sell them for vary prices depending on the economy.
CCTV for playerbases are now here, so you can build your bases with 24/7 monitoring!