Latest News!

Hey guys,

A update is out live now for our New GTA Miami server, come and check it out, updates include;


Server IP:

New V-Fire system, dynamic fire now brought into Garry’s Mod, its awesome; fires will be caused during explosives gun battles; Cars exploding; entities exploding & Staff made events.

Fires can be put out with a Fire extinguisher.


Bank Robbery System:

Downtown bank now has a value inside. It’s the job of the Government and bank agency to prevent robberies and keep the bank open for business for the citizens of Miami.


New Faction:

We will be adding the all loved Niko Bellic and his henchmen into the sprawling Miami City; this faction will be a replacement for the Ballas and is whitelisted (except recruit); you can join by going recruit and raising through the ranks.


Casino slots will be added to the casino so players are able to bet their luck!


Client Stability patches:

We have also sent live a number of client hotfix issues which could result in crashes or FPS drops.


Come check it out <3

Harland Kearney,

Werwolf Gaming Founder