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Hey guys,

We have released a new update & patch for Star Wars RP to improve the gameplay experience for you guys.

  • Main changes paraphrased are:
  • New event maps
  • Adjustments to the Jedi Wiltos skill tree system; a new starter skill tree (free). A wide range of bug fixes to do with refunding. Points will no longer go missing upon resetting your character progression.
  • Balancing to weapons and a few additional weapons added
  • New models added for Regiments, event models and disguise seller models.
  • Bug Fixes

I have not listed the extensive bug fixes here to keep the post short if you wanna check out our Star Wars RP server here is the connection info




Harland Kearney,

Werwolf Gaming Founder

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Harland Kearney
Werwolf Gaming Founder

Hey guys;

In this post, I will be talking about the map update (which supports the new content) for a full change list wait for the big update log which will be in the development area in the next 48 hours.


Server IP:

Sale on all the server's packages:

We have designed a new map from scratch to better suit a 128 slot servers needs. I will list the primary features of the map below:


Facility Changes:

  • Class D area now contains 4x as many bunks as original
  • Class D area contains a cafeteria area. Facility staff/visitors also have their own cafeteria
  • Class D area now has a dedicated checkpoint control room. This will vastly improve RP and reduce the amount RDM cases from the previous checkpoint.
  • A new medical bay has been added for roleplay
  • An Interrogation room has been added to the facility.
  • A Jail has been added to the facility to lock up individuals.
  • A new security checkpoint in EZ enabling to lock down the facility in its control room.
  • General changes to appearance overall. Improved lighting, improved textures in some area.


Surface Changes:

  • Day and night cycle custom coded into the map! No silly gmod store script; instead we have designed it inside hammer to give it a good look. Dynamic lights change as time goes on through the day.
  • Bank added
  • Nightclub added.
  • Environmental changes, the map is now in a winter/freezing setting adding more atmosphere and character to the dark “eastern” landscape of the map.

We hope you enjoy,

Harland Kearney

Werwolf Gaming Founder