Date: 23/03/2019
Version: 4.0.0.

Hello everyone! We are pleased to present the new update we've been working on for last few weeks. In this one we focused more on balancing the already existing features and addons on the server, but have also added some additions that should make the roleplay a bit more intriguing. Although some of our ideas didn't make the cut, there's still plenty of changes that did.


• We have added a new Clone Wars weapon pack along with 2 other weapons:
○ Better and improved Dual DC-17s

○ The Nightsniper replacement, S-5 Blaster Pistol.

• As requested, there's been an addition of a dropship that can be used by all members of Omega Squad and CE Hierarchy (EXO+)


New Jedi models!

• We have re-added the Consular and Guardian jobs.

• After a longer consideration, we have made it so you get 1 skill point for every level.

• We've boosted the XP gain for all Jedi so leveling up should be even faster.

Occasionally we will be doing XP multiplier events that will take place in a set time period.
(E.g. the whole weekend you will be earning 100% more XP)

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New Venator Map will be providing us with the same layout as the old venator maps but comes with a few additions, the most noticeable one being its very own Jedi Temple.



Regimental weapon changes (old models for new ones).

• Admirallity gets the S-5 Blaster Pistol

74th Staff Officers+ will now be able to utilize their new and unique rifle, Blaster Rifle T4.

74th Commander has been given the adrenaline shot syringe.

Senior and Marshall Commanders got their jobs in the F4 menu. They will get Clearance Level 5 keycards.


• Say farewell to the Ryloth ( ryloth_redemption ) map.

Imperial Probe Droid has been removed due to it being, well... imperial.

Special thanks goes out to all the hierarchy members and everyone else that participated in the making of this update. To all players, stay tuned we have many more updated on the way!