We are lucky enough to have all NEW custom player models made specifically for each regiment! (CT added tomorrow)

These new models are excellent quality and we are so excited to share these with you guys this , no one has been left out!

For a long time we have been requested to make these and I am glad to be able to add these to all of our regiments. We hope you all enjoy the changes and are as excited as us to get to play with these amazing skins.

The model changes added are:
  • 74th Medics
  • 91st Recon
  • 212th Explosive Ordnance
  • 501st Legion
  • ARC Advanced Recon Commandos
  • Battalion
  • Cadet
  • Clone Guard
  • Clone Trooper (To be added 26/02/19)
  • Combat Engineers
  • Dooms Unit
  • Galactic Marines
  • SIM Team 1 and Team 2
  • and of course the boys in black Omega Squad

Here is a sneak preview of the commanders models:
11528023.6_untitled_1551137147.png 10532267.4_untitled_1551137181.png
Be sure to check the rest of the models out for yourself on the server!

All these models have been made by Shader/Loophole so make sure to show your gratitude when you see him :)


  • PAC-3 Optimisations
  • All regiments Tab menu colours changed to fit the colours of the new models.

If you would like to suggest anything for our next update feel free to post them in the Star Wars Roleplay forum suggestions!

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