Tobacco System Tutorial

Spoiler: Step 1: Buy a pot and place a Soil Pack inside of it.Show
Spoiler: Step 2: Buy Seeds and place them inside of the pot.Show
Spoiler: Step 3: Wait for the tobacco plant to grow.Show
Spoiler: Step 4: Pick up the leaves by pressing E on them.Show
Spoiler: Step 5: Make Leaf Bunches by placing 5 leaves next to each other, one at a time.Show
Spoiler: Step 6: Spawn a Dry House and place 4 Leaf Bunches inside of it.Show
Spoiler: Step 7: Wait for the bunches to dry.Show
Spoiler: Step 8: Spawn a shredder, start it and place the dried bunches inside.Show
Spoiler: Step 9: Either click E on the shredded bunch to receive a cigar or bring it next to the tobacco NPC to sell it.Show