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Konrad Förster's Staff Application

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1. To me you have a good grasp on how the gamemode works. Reaching multiple high ranks in different regiment/departments.
2. You're quite active as well with 16 weeks of gametime on the server.
3. To my understanding you're not the only one afk sometimes ingame. People have to write down information/reports about their regiment or take care of situations in real life. You can't play for 10 hours straight everyday it will get to you at one point. I am speaking from personal experience.

Now the staff application itself is very detailed.
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Posted Thu at 13:57
You know I kept staring at this application thinking, I can't think of one time I have Interacted with Konrad. The reason for that is because I'm usually always in my SS job so I mainly think about you as the Oberfuhrer or the other ranks that you have held. In those positions we have only interacted once due to an ex 7.SS NCO contacting you about what he thought to be a wrongful demotion. I saw how you handled the situation and it was very Professional. That alone in my eyes put you as a great candidate for staff but then when I was reading these comments I realized we have interacted a lot more than that because you have a Job in Finance. I have seen how you handle that job, how you treat the players and how seriously you take your job and It's how I think every NSDAP CO should try to be. I don't know why it never clicked in my head that you were the same person, I guess I never really put much thought into an SS HC officer having two jobs like that. (well I can be very Oblivious sometimes).

Anyways, the way you think and handle situations are alone, in my opinion, qualify you for staff, but as I read your application I realize that no one even bothered to fucking read it. All your Comments complain about you being AFK and others for example saying "
It's very detailed and I haven't found any mistakes, errors or under detailed section. Probably one of the best applications I've ever seen."-Hoffmann. But in your RDM Question you put that if someone is guilty of Mass RDM you would Perma ban them. Now I vividly remember a staff application in which multiple people commented on it and pointed out the fact we do not Perma Ban people for mass RDM, that is not the Tier 2 Punishment. The Tier 2 punishment for "Mass" RDM +6 is 1-3 weeks. If you had read the punishment list you would know this, There are only 3 Punishments that are on the Punishment list that arent listed at the very bottom "DOX, Advertising, Blackmailing, Ect.." Those three Punishments are Prop Spam, NITRP Tier 2, Prop Kill +6 Tier 2. Also you said you would give a person a verbal warning even if they didn't kill anybody or cause any damage? That is messed up considering they didn't do anything wrong and someone made a false sit. Which in that case you would Either Verbally warn or give the person who made the false sit a warning for
Wasting Staff’s Time
, Which yes is a real warning.

Besides that one question which in no way determines whether you should be staff or not, you would make a wonderful addition to the staff team. There are always things a person can learn after they become staff, I am still learning new things every week. Good luck Konrad.
Posted Thu at 14:04
You don't need to explain how to be an admin in here, his mentor will do that for him, but you were just being nice.
I have to say, the staff curses a lot in posts, it doesn't bother me but it might bother someone.
Remember to be professional in what you post everyone.
Posted Sat at 09:50 · Last edited Sat at 9:52 by Montez
Johnny Ron Einchmann PLATINUM-VIP
You don't need to explain how to be an admin in here, his mentor will do that for him, but you were just being nice.
I have to say, the staff curses a lot in posts, it doesn't bother me but it might bother someone.
Remember to be professional in what you post everyone.
You absolute meme
Posted Sat at 22:59
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Wish you the best of luck with your App and I agree with your statements about people calling you AFK or inactive when sometimes, it’s not your fault or more irl things are going on and I am sometimes in the same position as I’m deputy director of Propaganda and NCO schafuhrer in 2.SS and my pc is deleting files showing errors for 2.SS and I have GCSEs etc so I agree with you and good luck with the Application.

Sorry for my typing I’m on phone.
Posted Sun at 14:19
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-1 from me.

Nothing personal Konrad but like some people I agree that you spend a lot of time not enganged in active RP. I have never been in the SS and thus will be judging my responce by the interactions we had as NSDAP. Being your inspektor I see that you do spend a lot of time on the MD of Finance job yet as Inspektor I see so many times that nobody is coming to the bank. If someone is at the counter they will come to interact and yet the bank remain closed for the majority of time. Furthermore judging by the time you spend as MD surely people love a active direktor which is the case. But that is in theory. In practise finance is THE most dead department. Even with stimulus packages made by STV. Gau its dead. I dont blame you I just think that if you want to be staff you can spend more time in "active" rp.

Like I said nothing Personal and the best of luck!
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