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Accepted Konrad Förster's Staff Application

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Yet you seem to not know that the most common reason is *Not being that known* and the applicant being told to *Distinguish himself more as a player*.

I always will have and will continue to support that this is in fact a retarded reason to deny a Staff Application. If somebody fulfils the minimum game time on the Server, in addition to all the other criteria, then they should not be criticised negatively upon applying for a Staff Position.
Bit retarded how you dont seem to know that as all you have to do in open like 1 or 2 staff apps that have been denied and there it is.

Staff Applications have been getting denied for a multitude of brain-dead reasons as far back as I remember. The measure of someone's ability and the criterion upon which their application is decided should be skill and knowledge of the rules, not acquaintance in the community, since Staff Members deal with ALL players on the server and are supposed to be unbiased during Staff sits. Failing to do is punishable, which is something both of us know.
I never applied for staff, nor expressed felling towards becoming it. Rather the opposite. For the reasons you stated is exactly why I didnt want to apply or even have thoughts for becoming staff as I sure wasn't perfect. I hated some high authority people which I have valid reasons to hate them (but thats recently been set aside considering what the most recent situation was). But yes, you are right and I didnt want to apply, but when valter came up to me and asked me whether I would like to be staff I didnt even inspect it, I thought I was getting Hauptsturmfuhrer of the 7.SS finally as the spot was open for weeks and I was the only person who was able to get the position as obersturmfuhrer.

Completely unrelated narration of past events, that actually illustrates my point. You joined the Staff Team regardless of your bad relations with the SS High Command, which at the time was also synonymous to the High Ranking Staff Members. Despite that, you stayed as a Staff Member for a considerable amount of time. This goes to show that you don't need to be on any sort of good terms with other players of the community to be a proficient Staff Member. If you managed to receive multiple promotions while disliking what was essentially at least a third of the Staff Team and your RP Superiors at the same time, then I am sure that someone who is on neutral terms with those that he does not interact with is sure to do just as well, if not better.
I am not saying that they have to be apart 'of my group'. I didnt not express that at all, and you seem to have missed my point. But on top of that point you have also pointed out retardation within the socialising part of being denied. For random example; Should Leon Phillips have been denied because he is in is own little group of people? And not in a particular group? Yeah, different if you put it like that isn't it... Anyway even when I was in the SS he didnt socialise with anyone at all to my knowledge or even when he was my superior briefly before I resigned. (Yet another anyway) My point was that he is unsocial to anyone outside his 'group' and he needs to actually start talking to people. I was in my own little 'group' yet I spoke to the entire wehrmacht and NSDAP, and some SS yet it was limited due to bad relations.

I did not understand a single word after the end of the second sentence. I will assume that you support that someone applying for Staff needs to interact with people outside his own group. That is wrong, and I will continue to say that it is until you can point me to the specific requirement on the Application Template (which you won't be doing anytime soon because it isn't there, just like the requirement to be on good terms with lots of people on the server).

You also think that I didn't get your point, yet I am somehow certain that I did. I am sure that, if the person applying right now was part of your own group of friends, you wouldn't hesitate for a moment to +1 this application. I believe must have hit the nail on the head when I said that you are down-voting him because you do not like him.
For random example; Should Leon Phillips have been denied because he is in is own little group of people? And not in a particular group? Yeah, different if you put it like that isn't it...

That's not how I am "putting it", it's how it is. People should not get denied just because they are not part of a certain group. Doing that would be the definition of a flawed Staff Team, where people get chosen not because they are skilled, but because they have a high rank in game or hangout with certain people. Many people can testify to the fact that this isn't the case, which is why this application deserves to be accepted on its merits.
I admit. I know you. But parts of the SS don't, about over half of the NSDAP don't. And I doubt anyone outside the Reich jobs do either.

Implying that he doesn't deserve to get accepted because he is not known by half of the NSDAP and some of the SS, in addition to the retards that play Mafia or Resistance 24/7. Honestly, who gives a shit. The job of a Staff Member is to enforce the rules, not hang around and be friends with the NSDAP. How does getting known in the NSDAP or the SS, not to mention Resistance and Mafia impact Staff performance in any way whatsoever?
Also that quote is retarded as it never got used at all in what I said, hence I dont even want to touch it as its already invalid. But I never said he has to interact with the NSDAP at all, I said he had to interact with people outside his group / agency and even mention RP jobs outside the Reich which is why I said he should actually use *OOC*... You have actually broken me for once.

Never claimed to have quoted you in the first place. If I was quoting you, I would be using the quote mechanic, as I am doing right now. Rather, the quotation marks were used for sarcastic effect. Again, the logic of interacting with people outside your group as a prerequisite to getting support on your Staff Application is invalid, seeing as how it is not mentioned anywhere on the rules or the Application Template. The only reference that is mentioned is a Staff Member vouching for you, which IS PRESENT (Skillinzo) in this case. If Staff Applications relied on the input and guarantee of every random player on the server, than the Staff Team would be filled with 23rd recruits.
Jesus Christ this is retarded.

It might be, but it certainly isn't anywhere near as retarded as the logic you and other have used as a basis to down-vote this application. The person who wrote this went into considerable effort to be accepted, which is more than I can say for your entry into the Staff Team. Show some rudimentary respect instead of asking for his application to be "denied af".
Posted Feb 25, 19 · Last edited Feb 25, 19 by Paul
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Tom Agen CO-OWNERForum Staff
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Until further response of the Server Management Team
Posted Feb 25, 19
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[WW2] Auster Schumacher HEAD-ADMINForum StaffSite Donator
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The Server Management Team has decided to accept you into our Staff Team.

Contact myself on TS/Steam when available to receive your In Game Rank and also your learn whom shall be your mentor.
Posted Mar 16, 19
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