WW2NRP Update Changelog
New Waffen-SS playermodels
  • New gray SS COs playermodels have been added for the various Waffen-SS and SS companies/agencies, featuring different skins and bodygroups, with commendations and various equipment.
  • The SS-Verwaltungsamt and High Command will be using these models.

Schutzstaffel Structure Changes
  • Critical changes have been made to the SS Structure. The High-Command positions have been subject to small changes, whereas completely new positions have been added to the lower SS Staff, including Administrative Officer ranks.
  • The SS Structure is now more straightforward and clean, making the idea of a career in the SS appealing as much as one in the Heer.

Ordnungspolizei is back
  • We have decided to bring back the Ordnungspolizei! The Uniformed Police is back in town, supported by a special tactics company.

A new special-tactics-and-weapons company appeared in Berlin
  • The 4.SS Polizeiregiment is now a highly-trained police company, responding to the standard Police leaders in Berlin. It combines military-grade weaponry with advanced civilian police tactics.

Feuerschutzpolizei leveling up
  • The FePo is getting a level up! Besides being now under direct control of the Police leaders in Berlin, it has received more slots to satisfy more players.

Minor Fixes
  • Minor fixes have been applied to the gamemode code, to have a more clear coding environment for future updates and bug fixes.