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Accepted 23rd Inf. Div. Oberleutnant Fredrick Winter :Generalstab Application:

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( 18/02/2019 I have Auster Schumacher's Permission to Update my application to my new rank.)


  • You must be at least 14 years old.
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  • You must be able to speak and type English fluently and correctly.
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  • You must have at least two (2) days of game time.
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  • You must have 15 or fewer warns.
  • ✔️

  • You must not be banned when you apply.
  • ✔️

  • You must have held the rank of Leutnant or above in the army at some point in the past.
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  • Your current rank must be at least that of Feldwebel.
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Out-of-Character Section

OOC/Steam Name: [W-G] JezzaMeister

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:64098233

Age: I am 21 years of age, Born August 1997.

OOC Rank(s): PlatinumVIP / PAC3

Current Playtime: 3w,1d,5h,55m,44s at the time of this application.

Country & Timezone: England, UK (GMT)

When did you join the server? For how long have you been in the army?:
I joined the WW2 NRP server towards the very end of September, I have played almost everyday since (besides for 2 holidays I have had during this play time with my ranks being frozen during these short periods of time).

On my very first day of the server (stated above) I signed up as an Antwarter. I then earned my way to the rank of Obergefreiter in the 23rd, transferred to the 2.SS becoming a Sturmmann. Unfortunatly I did not enjoy my time in the 2.SS so after a week I handed in my transfer papers once again and rejoined the 23rd becoming an Oberschutze, where I have stayed and served loyaly ever since.

Can you speak and type English fluently? Do you own a microphone?:
English is my first language, I believe I use perfect pronuciation and grammer most of the time.

Yes I do own a microphone which I believe works well, I have had no complaints as of yet.

How many warns do you have? Have you ever been kicked or banned?:
During my play time of the WW2 NRP server I have recieved no warns against my name.

I have never been kicked or banned on the WW2 NRP server and I do not plan to.

(My Evidence as of the time of writing this application)

Have you read the Wehrmacht Handbook?:
I have read the Handbuch für das Ersatzheeres der Wehrmacht many times during my service, I was the person who did all the editing and grammar correction before it was given to the Wehrmach High Command to read and decide wether they wanted to release it.

Previous Serious RP/Military RP Experience:
At the time of joining the WW2 NRP server I had never played on any GMod RP servers, Although I used to play on the Moonguard RP servers of World of Warcraft a couple of years ago where I got my first taste of RP.

What puts you above the other applicants? Why should you be picked for this position? What do you need to improve on?:
From the moment I earned my first promotion fighting off the British in the mines, I knew I wanted take this seriously and earn my way up the ranks. I never thought I would ever get as far as I have come and I am so grateful to be here, I believe I have earned every bit of it. I am a proven leader, on and off the battlefield, I am a great tactitian and have a very creative mind that can be used in any situation. When I give orders I give them loud and clear and I make sure everyone understands them before I continue. I love talking to people and helping people out although I do not act like it most of the time as I do not like to break character. When I was an NCO my CO's would always reccomend me to train the Antwarter and do firearm trainings in the firing range because they knew I was one of the best, the soldiers always listened to me and followed my instructions which they still do to this very day.

I have come so far in my service to the Wehrmacht, from being a noobie Schutze all the way to being a great CO and co-leader of the 23rd Infantry Division. I have been a CO in the Wehrmacht for 2 months and 16 day, during that time 1 month 10 days as Oberleutnant. I believe I work hard almost every day to keep the 23rd on their toes and busy, I am the most active CO in my regiment and I am usually always running the regiment. My days consist of bringing up issues and other importnant topics with my fellow CO's then disgussing them, I am always on top of the spreadsheet making sure it is up to date and neat with any inactive soldiers are getting punished. I organise trainings for my soldiers, I like to mix things up every few days and get them to do drills to teach them new skills and to keep them interested and I will also lead my men into battle fearlessly when the time calls for it.

At the end of every month since I have been a CO I have put lots of time and effort into writing monthly reports. I write these reports out of my own initative to keep the members of the Wehrmacht High Command up to date with everything that has happened or what we plan on doing within the regiment in the near future, I also collect statements from the soldiers, gathering their opinions and thoughts on how well they believe the regiment is doing and what they would like to see improved on. This is a great way for the CO's and the HC to keep in touch with the soldiers needs and requirements and to improve if needed. I work very hard to prove myself to my fellow CO's HC and most importantly the soldiers of the Wehrmacht, I do not ever want to let anyone down.

I believe everyone always has room for improvement as long as they are willing to do so. I will be putting effort to improve on staying in contect with the NCO's more, I want to know what I can do to help them to improve their experience. I also need to stop doing all the work in the regiment and start getting my Leutnants to do some things, this will hopefully give them things to do and help them learn more for their future in the regiement. I also need to improve on my forum activity, I used the forums maybe once a week at the most and I would like to boost that up. I will always been looking for things I can improve on to better myself for the future.

OOC Summary/Additional Information:
I am usually busy during the mornings/early days, but I try my best to get on about 3pm onwards and I do try to get on every night, if I can't get on I wiil let my fellow CO's know.

In-Character Section

In-Character Name: Fredrick Winter.

Current Rank: 23rd Infantry Division Hauptmann.

Highest Rank(s) Obtained: Hauptmann of the 23rd Infantry Division (my current rank).

Historical Context:
The Ersatzheer were the home-guard military force of Nazi Germany which had the main role of defending Germany from all different types of enemies such and the Soviets on the Eastern front and the Allies on the Western front. The Ersatzheer also acted as a security force for high ranking Reich officials most often as an armed escort. During the late stages of the war the Ersatzheer were used as a garrison force to replenish the front lines on both fronts depending on where they were needed.

State the role of the Generalstab on the server, its duties and its duties and its relationship with the commissioned officers that run the different companies:
The role of the Generalstab is to lead the regiments of the Ersatzheer, making sure all the men in the divisions are trained and drilled ready to defend their country from the enemy when they are called upon. They will make all the big decisions for the divisions of the Ersatzheer and deal with any issues that are worth their time and attention. The Generalstab will talk with the COs of each company to make sure enlisted and NCO's follow the rules decided by the generals and assist the CO's of the divisions when it is needed. The Generalstab will also maintain and deal with all paper work, as it is extreemly important and is needed to keep the whole Ersatzheer in order. Most importantly the Generalstab would order the Ersatzheer into battle when the time came, giving out orders to the divisions ensuring the paramount defence of the Fatherland.

Answer the following hypothetical questions in detail:

You are approached by an Unteroffizier. He tells you that his Hauptmann allegedly decided to demote someone unfairly. How would you deal with this?:
I would call a meeting with the Hauptman in question when there are no pressing matters to deal with, I would go somewhere quiet and private so that we would have no interuptions and I could focus all my attention on the matter. I would then bring up the complaint and request him to explain the situation the exact way it happened, gathering their side of the story, keeping my eye on every detail and collecting as much information as I can. I would then speak to the NCO who brought the matter to my attention and the soldier who was demoted, I would ask for their side of the story making sure there was not a misunderstanding. If I believe the Hauptmann had a justified reason for the demotion I would support his desicion and have the Hauptmann explain the situation to the NCO in question and the person who was demoted where then I would dismiss the situation. If I were to find the Hauptmann had made an unjust and unverified demotion, I would discuss the situation with my fellow Generalstab members where we could work together to come up with a decision to resolve the issue. If none were available I would make the executive decision and restablish the rank of the demoted person, then speak to the Hauptmann to be sure a situation like this never happens again and if they were ever unsure of a decision to come to myself or another member of the Generalstab for guidance.

You are assigned to an inactive company and you are told to fix it. What changes would you make to it?:
If the company were active at one point but then became inactive I would start my search for the problem in the CO team. I would find out if they are active, if they are training their men, are they actively trying to recruit soldiers into the company and have they been taking care of their soldiers. If it is a problem with the CO team being incompetent I would find more active and competent CO's or high ranking NCO's of other companies and recruit them in to replace and take over from the previous CO's.

If the problem was not the CO team of the company, I would search deeper for the issue. Inspecting all the NCO's making sure they are doing their jobs such as training, teaching and leading the men properly. If I find the NCO's not doing their jobs to my standard I would have them demoted and replaced with NCO's that actually want to do the job properly. The NCO's are a very important part of a company and if they are not doing their jobs it can cause many problems throughout the company.

If the company had always been inactive and the CO's and NCO's were competent and doing their jobs correctly but just could not get the man power. I would talk to my fellow Generalstab members about the company to find out if they are balanced enough compared to the other companies to try and rule out that as the reason. If we were to come to the conclusion that they are unbalanced and did not give people a good enough reason to join them then I would work on that is the main issue to try and get it resolved. If the company is deemed balanced and just lacking the man power I would speak to the other companies about the issue and have them all work with me to recruit for the inactive company in question until I am satisfied with the performance and activity of the company.

It is reported to you that the SS has arrested an officer of the Wehrmacht. The officer claims that the arrest was illegitimate and he is being held in custody in the Ministry of the Interior. How would you react to this situation?:
My first reaction would be to contect my fellow Generalstab members, explain the situation to them and then get in contact with the SS High Command. With SS HC permission I would organise a meeting with them to discuss the situation, listening to their side of the story once again paying attention and taking notes. Also with their permisssion I would request to speak to the arrested Wehrmacht officer and have them explain the situation. If myself and the other Generalstab members agree that the officer was unjustly arrested, I would take the officer in question back to the military base debreif them and that would be the end of it.

If the SS HC were to have an issue with our decision I would have both parties contact SD and explain their situations then request the SD to launch an investigation if deemed necessary. Depending on the SD's results the officer would either be punish or set free accordingly.

If the officer in question was found out to be guilty of a crime depending if it involved the SS or not I would return to the MB with the officer and punish him to how the Generalstab members see fit. If it does involve the SS, then I would have the SS HC and the Generalstab memebers work together to come up with a punishment suitable for the crime so that both parties are satisfied.

An influential high-ranking officer has been actively causing drama duties and its relationship with the commissioned officers that run the different companies:
In this situation I would get in contact with the other CO's in the same regiment as the officer in question, where I would ask for reports on the actions and anything suspicious the officer gets up to. I would also contact the FG and CO's of other reigments and ask them to report in on them and keep an eye out for the officer to try and get evidence to pin to the accusation. While this is all going on I would be keeping my eyes and ears out for anything as well. If the accusations turn out to be incorrect or there was not enough evidence supplied or gathered I would call the officer aside to explain the accusation then tell the officer that we hope they are all false and debreif them on the situation.

If the accusations turn out to be true with supported evidence, I would gather all the evidence and show it to my fellow Generalstabs memeber where we would come up with either a punishment or a warning depending on how serious the offence is, hoping to eliminate this sort of probelm from the Ersatzheer all together.
Posted Jan 13, 19 · OP · Last edited Feb 28, 19 by F. Winter
BIG +1

Even though you are a Oberleutnant and not a Hauptmann, you have at times been the "main" regimental leader when the Hauptmann has his downtime (Work shifts).

I saw early that you were a competent leader and you have everything a member of HC needs. You and the GD Hauptmann are by far the two most active CO's out of all the regiments. You can do documents, the spreadsheet have you been in charge of for a long time and you have authority. You are also calm and can make the hard decisions.

Best of luck on your application!
Posted Jan 13, 19
Similarly to what was said above me you are an extremely active CO of the Wehrmacht, and I almost always see you on. In many ways you maintain many of the duty a Hauptmann generally does, and to a high standard which shows already that you are a very competent individual. you have the correct temperament and conduct yourself in the right manner showing at least me to you would make a great Major.
Best of luck with this application!
WW2 NRP Senior Mod
WW2 NRP Event Planner
Oberst Der Wehrmacht
Ministrialdirektor Der Propaganda
Posted Jan 14, 19
Hans Hellstrom PLATINUM-VIPPAC-3

I've personally worked above and below Winter in the rank factor and have enjoyed both as he makes a great listener and exceptional at following orders, this extends to his capability to lead men into battle. He holds great characteristics this includes; Acceptance of criticism, Adaptability and Creative thinking. He has helped the Hauptmann of the 23rd out greatly in running the division, He also proves a very active member.

I personally believe he will be a great addition to the new High Command team.
Posted Jan 19, 19
Herman Von Litago MODERATORPAC-3

Fredrick Winter is a great leader! Dealing with the 23rd is not that easy but he does a very good job at leading them. As i am a Feldgendarmerie, and most of the situatitions that involves soldiers the soldier is 95% of the time in the 23rd Infantry Division. Because of Fredrick Winter's exceptional activity i have the pleasure of working with him alot when these situations occur and from what i have seen he is a very fair and just leader, and he cares about his soldiers. Fredrick Winter would be a great addition to HC!

Best of luck with the application!
95th Infantry Division, Feldgendarmerie Kompanie "Richard" Oberleutnant
& Computer Nerd (Cybersecurity Consultant)
Posted Jan 20, 19

Fredrick Winter is a great leader! Dealing with the 23rd is not that easy but he does a very good job at leading them. As i am a Feldgendarmerie, and most of the situatitions that involves soldiers the soldier is 95% of the time in the 23rd Infantry Division. Because of Fredrick Winter's exceptional activity i have the pleasure of working with him alot when these situations occur and from what i have seen he is a very fair and just leader, and he cares about his soldiers. Fredrick Winter would be a great addition to HC!

Best of luck with the application!
It's not like the 23rd is one of the biggest army regiments in the server that, most of the time, is involved in situations where soldiers are required, both for the good or wrong. It's every soldier's duty to attend a certain, special, situation requiring their aid, it does not have anything special for them to be of a regiment or other, in my opinion.
Posted Jan 21, 19 · Last edited Jan 21, 19 by Kleis
You've been the most active and most serious CO in the 23rd for a long time. But most of what I can say has already been said.
Posted Feb 11, 19
JakobHimmler SENIOR-MODSite Donator
Site Donator
I am Surprised this man isn't the Hauptmann, no offense to Jung. Winter is by far one of the best and most dedicated Wehrmacht COs I have ever seen. I think if Winter was to join the Generalstabs he would help bring the Wehrmacht onto a level we have not seen them perform at on this server. I have seen Winter in the late night train Enlisted men like it was no ones business, when most COs would just minge around and ignore their soldiers Winter is there making sure each person under his command gets the same training and attention as his soldiers in Normal hours get. This man deserves to be accepted into HC.
Posted Feb 13, 19
Tom Agen CO-OWNERForum Staff

Contact the General of Infanterie (myself) or the rest of the Generals in order to get your new Rank.

Posted Apr 2, 19
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