SCP-RP V5 Ruleset
General Rules

Not knowing the rules does not exempt you from them.

Being VIP/GoldVIP/Staff doesn't exempt you from the rules.

Do not RDM other players - RDM, short for Random Deathmatch, is killing another player without reason or for an invalid reason. Crossfire is generally considered Accidental RDM.

FearRP - FearRP is optional on this server, however you must listen to your kidnapper's orders if and when you are cuffed.

Do not break NLR. NLR is short for New Life Rule which in turn is how you will forget everything about your previous life. This means if you were to die, you will instant forget everything which occurred during said life. NLR can also apply when a user has died during a raid. At no point is the user then allowed to return to that raid and must instead wait until the raid is over.

Do not RDA other players - RDA, short for Random Arrest, is arresting/handcuffing another player without reason or for an invalid reason, cuffing another player to steal their comms is not RDA.

Do not Propminge - Propminge is generally classed as using props in a manner considered unbeneficial to roleplay or that which would disrupt roleplay.

Do not Propkill - Propkill is simply killing another player with any type of prop or entity. Unintentionally doing so is considered Accidental Propkill.

Do not Propclimb/Propsurf - Propclimb/Propsurf is using a prop to gain access to an area which you would normally not have free access to (unreachable due to map restrictions, keycard scanners or other obstacles). Surfing is standing on a prop and elevating the prop and yourself.

Do not Propblock - Propblock is trapping a player in an enclosed space or blocking off an area with props, ensuring no-one can gain access to said area.

Do not alt+e abuse, this is the action of using the sitting command to get through to areas previously inaccessible. Sitting on people's heads also counts as a form of alt+e abuse.

Do not Bodyblock Inappropriately - Bodyblock is quite simply using your player entity to intentionally block a player's movement on their path. The only time bodyblock is justified if it's done by armed units and with a valid reason for the valid amount of time. Stunstick wielding units count as armed units. Note: Crowding a door and/or a checkpoint as any job (Class-D in particular) can be classed as bodyblock and may result in a warning and/or kick from the server.

Do not Bodyclimb - Body Climbing is allowed if done reasonably, aka one person boosting you up to a location as this is appropriate in character however stacking up more than one person is considered abuse and is a warnable offense.

Do not troll - Trolling, in short, is acting in a way that ruins someone else's gaming and/or roleplay experience, for example, following someone around and persistently annoying them would be considered trolling.

Do not impersonate Staff - Simply just mimicking or pretending to be a (specific) staff member for the purpose of gaining a rank or purely out of spite (can be classed as DTS in some situations).This can be punished by a permanent ban, dependent on severity.

Do not disrespect Staff/Players - DTS (Disrespect to Staff) and DTP (Disrespect to Players) are both forbidden on the server. Disrespect in any form is not tolerated, and will be dealt with severely.

Racism OOC is not tolerated in any way shape or form. Jokingly being racist is not an exception to this rule. IC Racism is acceptable as long as it is executed in a professional and non-exaggerated / mingy manner.

Do not use a voice changer without Admin or above's permission. Otherwise it will be counted as micspam.

Do not ban evade - The most common form of ban evasion is using an alternate account to connect to the server while the player’s main account is still under a ban, allowing the player to “avoid/evade” the ban.

Do not leave to avoid punishment - Leaving during an admin sit or after breaking the rules to avoid any given punishment is known as LTAP. Doing so does not avoid the original punishment intended to be issued, but also increases the punishment by a two day ban.

Do not under any circumstances take matters into your own hands, please contact a member of staff if someone is rule breaking as opposed to dealing with it yourself. Doing so may lead to you being punished in turn for not contacting staff and breaking rules to attempt to fix a situation yourself. Always contact staff first.

Do not create a PME - A PME, short for Player Made Event, is an event made by a player that has not been approved by a member of staff, these can range from something a simple as creating an SCP from props to attempting to launch an Omega-Warhead to stop a Mass Breach. If you want to authorise an event you have in mind or plan on creating one, talk to an Operative or Super-Admin.

Do not break NLR - NLR, or New Life Rule, is carried out when a player has died and continues to either return to their previous point of death immediately, still applies knowledge gained before death into after-death RP, or attempts to alter RP that they were previously involved in before death. NLR last 300 seconds or 5 minutes, and forbids you from returning to your point of death until the timer is finished. Once the timer is over, you may not resume with your old RP knowledge.

Do not Metagame - Metagaming is using information your RP character wouldn't know but yourself out of character does know, for example if "Gate-A is open” is stated in OOC, which is then followed by you responding to this information by closing Gate A, that is classed as metagaming. Knowing someone's name and/or job without seeing their ID or them telling you can be classed as metagaming too. Using third-person mode to look around you or see your surroundings from a third-person perspective is also metagaming.

Do not attempt to crash the server - Anyone caught propspamming or doing any other activity found to be attempting to crash or lag out the server will instantly be issued a permanent ban.

Building Rules
Do not Fading Door Abuse - FDA is the creation of a fading door without a keycard scanner, simply using a keybind on a keyboard to open and close the door. Every fading door requires a functioning keycard that should always be used to open the door. Even if the door has a keycard, using your keyboard bind is still FDA. With bulletproof windows that are fading doors, they must be open for 5 seconds minimum before being closed again. Fading doors that serve the purpose of an actual door/gate should open for 5 seconds minimum before closing.

Having any sort of obstruction to enter an area is strictly forbidden. This means that all areas must be accessible without jumping or crouching.

Foundation members shall not build checkpoints outside of Gate A (including the subway). Surface units may build small outposts on the surface OUTSIDE of the metro, but there can't be more than a total of two checkpoints.

The use of one way props to gain an advantage over other players such as shooting through them is considered prop abuse and is therefore a warnable offense.

Completely blocking off entire SCP chambers with anything higher than a Clearance 3 keycard scanner is considered FailRP.

Any and all checkpoints built shouldn't have an entry system consisting of more than 2 stages. This means that there can only be a maximum of two fading doors, hydraulic doors and so on. The doors and gates of the map already count as an entrance and thus Gate A checkpoints may only have one player-made entrance in them.

Checkpoints may not contain one-way props AT ALL. This means that everything part of the checkpoint should be either transparent or opaque from both sides. This is to avoid giving an unfair advantage to either party.

Do not build inappropriate structures - Building an inappropriate structure is also classed as FailRP as it is an unrealistic action in roleplay. An example of an inappropriate structure would be a Concentration Camp, humongous wall or an anime-related church etc.

Do not create inappropriate textscreens - The textscreen tool is used to direct players where to go or issue a rule or title to a specific area. This is not to be used for unnecessary purposes, disrespecting other players or as an inappropriate language graffiti tool.

Do not create vehicles - Moving and active vehicles are not to be made with props and/or wiremod. If a vehicle is to be made, it will be constructed by a superadmin+ and only in the case of an event. Vehicles include, but are not limited to: Drones, helicopters, cars, etc.

Do not build where unnecessary - This has a wide variety of categories however is particularly focused on the construction of checkpoints over the map-generated checkpoint at LCZ/HCZ and over the lockdown blast-doors. The Class-D checkpoint also applies. Anyone caught building over these may receive a warning.

Unarmed personnel are not meant to build checkpoints. Leave the job for MTF guards, task forces, etc. Doing so as an unarmed personnel will lead to the building being removed, and a warning issued.

Checkpoints should always be manned, if this is not so, the CP may be removed or nocollided.

People may put props/build inside containment chambers, but they must be for a valid RP reason. Players may also not override the purpose of a CC. This means for example that if there's no SCP 682 in the chamber, that does not mean you may build a cafeteria out of it.

KOS lines are strictly forbidden and are therefore not to be used in any context.

Job Rules
Any job can go onto the surface, however if you are a Foundation job you are only allowed on the surface with a valid RP reason. E.G: SD can leave site in event of a mass breach or mass GOI raid until situation is dealt with.

Jobs which don’t have the correct clearance level for specific areas are not to be excluded from said areas. A good example of this would be Service or Medical personnel. These personnel are not restricted only to the LCZ. In conclusion, clearance level does not affect where you can and can’t go. If one of these jobs asks to access an area in which they cannot access and gives a valid reason and shows their ID, you should open the door for them.

MC&D may not participate in any raids involving the foundation unless an appropriate reason has been given. A good example of this could be if the foundation have raided the club. This is considered FailRP if seen raiding without a proper reason to do so.

Chaos Insurgency may kill any armed personnel inside in Foundation, however they may only kill unarmed personnel if they report you to security or do not obey your commands.

Roleplay Rules

Do not Job abuse - Job Abuse is simply changing job in an RP situation to give yourself a benefit/advantage in that situation, for example, playing as a researcher and noticing a Class-D is escaping, therefore changing to an MTF to terminate said Class-D, is an act of Job Abuse.

Do not Powergame - Powergaming is giving yourself a highly unfair advantage over players around you, or using /me to create an unrealistic scenario. For example, “/me slips a mind-control pill into MTF’s coffee that makes him obey all my orders”. Powergaming can also lead to a PME in some aspects. For example, if you were playing as SCP-035 and you used a /me to say “/me manipulates MTF to kill everyone in the room”, that would be classed as a PME.

Raiding someone and then camping the area you raided will not be tolerated. If there’s no reason for you to stay there, then don’t.

Do not kidnap other individuals as they spawn.

Do not disconnect to avoid RP - Similar to LTAP, this is done by leaving during an RP situation, for example, being held hostage as the O5 and disconnecting while kidnapped or being kidnapped, is disconnection to avoid RP. Exceptions can be made, if O5 for example is in a dire situation and needs to go, and kidnapper also approves of it.

Do not speak or joke about DDoS - Talking about DDoS is forbidden in any situations, OOC or IC. Talking about it will result in an instant mute and/or gag. Excessive commenting on DDoS will result in a ban.

Do not encourage rule breaking - Encouraging other players to alter or break rules for any reason, OOC or IC, is strictly unallowed as it can be a form of trolling.

Do not abuse ERP - Do not ERP in excess or miss-use it. ERP stands for Erotic Roleplay and involves acts of a sexual nature. Please use this within reason, do not just run around as a serial rapist and kidnap people for no reason.

Do not FailRP - FailRPing is anything that would not make sense in a realistic scenario. For example, walking around with the physics gun or gravity gun is FailRP. Asking to be infected by SCP-049 is also FailRP, so always think about what you're doing before you do it. Lockpicking a blast door is also counted as FailRP.

Do not go AFK as a job - Try not to go AFK whilst playing as a job, this will allow other users to play the job you’re currently occupying. If you’re planning on going afk, use the /afk command to set yourself accordingly.

The raid timer can easily be designated by the use of the NLR timer and is therefore applied as such. Raiding before the timer has expired will result in you breaking said timer and therefore in direct violation of the rules. Raiding is classified as anything hostile such as hacking doors, kidnapping or shooting personnel within the foundation. NLR will still apply in this situation so if you only found out about the foundation in your past life, then this is in direct violation of NLR.

Do not use FailRP Names/Abbreviations - A FailRP name is one which is either deemed as unrealistic or a duplicate or edit of a celebrity/famous name. Examples of these are names such as “Mike Hunt” or “Brad Pitt”. A FailRP abbreviation is an extension or alteration of a name to fit the current job the player is unrealistic. An example of this could be “MTF Private David” or “TRO 110826 CZ”, If you’d like to use an abbreviation, a legitimate/acceptable example could be “CPT [insert last name]” or “Dr [insert last name]”.

Players may enter containment chambers for the purpose of roleplay. Randomly running into a chamber with no real reason behind it is counted as FailRP as it is practically suicide.

No research is forbidden in general, aside from ones that would create PME (attempting to destroy an SCP, cross-testing, etc). However the Site Director or O5 may freely decide whether or not they want to restrict a specific research project as long as they have a good reason to such as a GOI raid or a 008 outbreak.

Do not leave the facility without a reason - As a foundation job, your roles are implanted in the work of the inner facility.

Jobs that may print:
Chaos Insurgency
Custom groups specifically told they can do so.

Combat Rules
You can shoot if:
-You have a valid reason to feel threatened (Having holstered weapons around you is not a reason for this).
-They opened fire on you first.
-You have warned the person before shooting them.
-The person is trespassing whilst refusing to identify themselves. "Refusing" implies that you asked them. -“Trespassing” is not simply someone that you’ve never seen before in the Foundation.
-You have the ID of a GOI.
-Someone is hacking a fading door and you 100% know it's him/her. If you are not sure, detain and question them first.
-Anyone damages significant personnel in regards of combat engagement. This means - You may not shoot someone who shot a Class-D, but you may shoot someone who shot a MTF.

You can hold a suspicion on someone if:
-They are near (20 m radius MAX) a keycard scanner being hacked
-They behave suspiciously (Easily said - very primitive. Use common sense for this, suspicious is not wearing uniform that you’ve never seen or them being someone you’ve never seen before)
-They are walking around with their guns un-holstered.
-If your suspicions are correct and the person is unarmed, refrain from shooting on sight, opt instead to restrain the person who is suspected of being a threat.

You may NOT shoot someone if:
-They break rules - You don't fight fire with fire. Always report to staff.
-You suspect them for WHATEVER reason.
-A person your clearance or below gives you an order (not that in regards of same clearance you DON'T HAVE TO)
-They hold a gun in your face
-They threaten you whilst they are unarmed.
-They threaten your friends, unless you are certain they would be capable of doing so (you saw them with weapons before, etc)
-You have not warned the person you aim to kill beforehand.

Consequence RP
"Your actions have consequences which you cannot evade."
Basic Consequence-RP:
1. You may not try to rescue a unit that is higher clearance level than you if you are not sure that you will be able to rescue him without getting him killed. You must be 100% sure!
2. Higher clearance units than the one being kidnapped can order you to do a rescue operation even if you are not 100% sure.
3. If the kidnapped unit is a Site Director or the O5 you cannot try to rescue them without permission from another member of Site Administration
4. You may not do anything that would not be beneficial to the foundation and harm it at the same time! (As Pro Foundation)
5. Common sense applies.
6. Consequence-RP applies no matter what.
7. You may not break out of handcuffs if you are kidnapped. However you may break out if the attackers were killed or left you alone for too long.

Citizens in possession of weapons are only meant to use said weapons in self-defence. This means that raiding, mugging and kidnapping are strictly forbidden. News reporters on the other hand may use weapons to raid the foundation if enough evidence has been gathered on the foundation itself. Class-D’s in possession of weapons may shoot anyone within the foundation.

Groups of Interest Rules

I - Hacking
• You are not allowed to force GOIs put their keycard into a scanner
- Nor are you allowed to become suspicious if the GOI asks you to put your keycard in (Although you can refuse to do so )
• Hacking is hearable

II - Uniform & Equipment
• You are allowed to become suspicious (to an extent where they can be questioned) if the person doesn't have the right uniform and/or equipment for the job. However, if the person’s clothing is insanely ludicrous suspicions can be immediately raised and in turn acted upon (E.G: Sarkic Cult model or Zombie model)

• If a person kills a guard and is detected then everyone in the same group are targeted. (ex: There are 2 CI and 2 MTF in the same room . One of the CI attacks , then the MTFs have the rights to terminate both CI).

• If the person exits the Foundation then they are no longer KOS or AOS after 5 minutes. This doesn't apply on events. [scp breached and ci contains it in their base]
• People can use a person under suspicious uniform to describe them. ; ex: ''Guard 1: Hey , who was the last guy to enter? Guard 2: It was a TRO with a gasmask , nothing special.''

III - Asking for IDs
• The places where people can be asked for IDs are:
- Gate A
- EZ-HCZ-LCZ checkpoints (Including the one at the O5 Office)
- If the person is suspicious.
Otherwise you are not allowed to ask for ID , you can ask for name and/or job , but the person isn't forced to tell you.
• In these places you must ask everyone for IDs .

IV - When to become suspicious
• You can become suspicious if:
- The person cuffs anyone
- The person is found with a dead body
- The person stands near clearance 5 personnel for long periods (This can be countered if the clearance 5 says the person is protecting him/her.)
- The person's known job interacts with jobs they shouldn't stay near(Field Agent - Janitor ; Hazmat Unit - Field Agent etc.)
- You can terminate a person if you see him killing agents/guards
- You can terminate a person if they kidnap a clearance 4-5 personnel.

V - Showing IDs
• You are not forced to show your ID at other places than the ones stated before.

VI - Kidnapping
• When kidnapping another individual, don’t charge an unreasonable amount of money as ransom (More than 1 billion for example).
• Keeping someone handcuffed for more than 20 minutes isn’t allowed, if nobody has come to save the kidnapped person and you have notified people that said person is kidnapped, contact staff for some form of compensation such as a payout.

VII - FakeID:
1. FakeID must be 100% accurate, having a valid non-failrp name and valid existent job on the server.

2. FakeID proven fake results in termination.

3. Leaders always know the names of their soldiers.

Leader jobs:
Head of Security: Knows all Security IDs
Head Researcher: Knows all Researcher IDs
MTF Commanders (Nu-7, E-11, etc): Knows the IDs of their respective units.
SD: Knows all Leader jobs IDs ((E.G MTF Commanders/Captains)
O5: Knows all Leader jobs IDs (E.G MTF Commanders/Captains)
Mayor: Knows all governmental ID’s

PAC3 Rules
Do not use loud / annoying sound effects.
Do not use massive props.
Do not resize yourself unless granted permission from a Super Admin.
Do not change your material at all.
Only edit yourself to suit your job / role (Medics should not have weapons on them).
Do not change your model unless permitted from a Super Admin or higher
Changing your head is also counted as changing your model.
Do not put any unrealistic stuff on your body which can ruin others game play (Such as trash cans on your head).
Permission for PAC-3s that violate any of the PAC-3 rules (Re-sizing, model changes, etc) require permission from Hierarchy ONLY (Head-mod, Head-admin, Co-owner, Owner). This also requires screenshot evidence of a hierarchy member saying that they authorize the described PAC-3, a screenshot saying "Yeah you can use it" or "whatever" isn't evidence, it should look something like "I grant you permission to use the re-modeled robot PAC-3 for your Tau-5 character"

If a staff member tells you to take off your PAC-3 and remove it, do it or provide evidence that you have been granted permission to use that PAC-3. There will be no back and fourth arguing anymore, please do one of the aforementioned things or get warned for PAC-3 abuse. It's a time-waste and it's annoying

We're going to be more serious with those PAC-3 warns, and if we find that you are doing something really really ridiculous, we're just going to straight up revoke your access, no refund.

If you are unsure whether your PAC-3 is valid or not, just ask the owner or co-owner. But don't have this turn into a situation where you are constantly pestering the hierarchy to check if your PAC-3 is fine or not, just use common sense please.

In case you are unsure about the validity of your PAC, contact a member of staff.
Breaking any of these Pac3 rules will result in your Pac3 rights being revoked (for a length of time dependent on the rule broken) and a ban depending which rule you broke.

E2 Rules
Utilising any sort of client side effects is strictly forbidden.
Utilising E2 to gain an advantage over other players is strictly forbidden.
Any E2’s considered completely ridiculous and therefore obstructing roleplay are strictly forbidden.
If a staff member asks you to remove your E2, please oblige.
Abusing any kind of E2 function is strictly forbidden.

Anyone seen breaking any of the rules above will have their E2 permissions revoked until further notice.

It is at the discretion of the staff member to decide whether or not you’re in direct violation of the rules.
Any actions considered loopholes will result in an even greater punishment.