WW2NRP Update Changelog
New Waffen-SS playermodels
  • New playermodels have been added for the various Waffen-SS and SS companies/agencies, featuring different skins and bodygroups, with commendations and various equipment.
  • The 2.SS, 7.SS, SD and SS-Oberabschnitt are getting the new models.

Loadout balance for 1.SS, 2.SS and GD
  • The 1.SS, 2.SS and GD loadouts have been balanced, to make rank progression more interesting and “worth” it.
  • A Sharpshooter role has been added to the 1.SS, alongside with a slot increase for the Machine Gunner, to balance the two slots present in the 2.SS.
  • The 2.SS received more melee weapons, for enlisted and NCOs. The Hauptsturmführer also has shackles now.
  • 2 new roles have been added to the GD, featuring a Field Support and a Sharpshooter, as the company is meant to be of support and complementary to the 2.SS.

Mafia Faction slot increase
  • 1 slot has been added to the Mafia Associate job, to give more players the opportunity to play as mafia and, at the same time, balance with the Resistance slots.

  • The Volksgerichtof has been brought back, and it substitutes the NSDAP Justice Department, while still working closely with the higher-ups of the party.

SS-Ehren und rangführer
  • A honorary rank has been added to the SS, that will be received by retiring SS generals.

Minor Fixes
  • Minor fixes have been applied to the Wehrmacht General Staff jobs and Door Groups, alongside with playermodel fixes for custom groups.

Custom Groups
  • 2 new custom groups have been added: The SS-Junkerschule and the 4.SS