The Schutzstaffel inside Berlin
This thread is an update to Syn's original post about the SS. It was old and not fitting anymore the role of the SS in the current context of our server. This thread will be updated as soon as the December Update will roll out.

Note: Many things (or most of them) may not be historically accurate. You have to understand that the Server Management Team has to sacrifice historical accuracy to favor a smooth gameplay.

Reichssicherheitshauptamt (RSHA)
The RSHA, which translates to Reich Main Security Office, was an SS and state organisation that was composed of the security, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies of Nazi Germany. Led by Reinhard Heydrich, Himmler’s subordinate, the RSHA was founded in 1939 when the SiPo (KriPo + Gestapo) was merged with the SD (Security Service).

The RSHA had several distinct departments with a variety of responsibilities. On our server two agencies (Gestapo and SD) are included and exist as DarkRP jobs. They are both led by an SS-Sturmbannführer, who respond directly to the Befehlshaber der SiPo und des SD. The agencies will be analysed below.

RSHA Kommandoamt

The command section of the RSHA in Berlin is represented by an SS-Oberführer who holds the title of Befehlshaber der SiPo und des SD, translating into "Leader of the Sicherheitspolizei and Sicherheitsdienst". He manages both agencies, including transfers, recruitment, promotions.

Inland Sicherheitsdienst (SD)
The Inland SD is the principal organisation for the gathering of information and the addressing of threats within Nazi Germany. They are the intelligence agency of the SS and one of the most important departments within the RSHA. It is intended for the SD to bring every single individual within the Third Reich's reach under continuous supervision.

The SD has the task of detecting of enemies of the Nazi leadership and the neutralisation of this opposition. The organisation consisted of a few hundred full-time agents and several thousand informants. An additional task assigned to the SD was the supervision of morale within the populace, being authorised to deal with any defeatists or deserters swiftly.

As a member of the SD, your task is to keep tabs on the populace and officers of the Reich to eliminate any potential threats, internal or external. You have the authority to check property, documents and identification when there is reasonable suspicion. You are also in charge of the “Race & Ethnicity” program, which authorises you to deal with all ‘undesirables’ appropriately.

As an officer of the SD, you should assume a commanding position during fieldwork, using the Gestapo and the Police Force to help you achieve your goals. An officer of the SD should take the initiative in deciding how operations should be carried out. As an SD member, you have to be ruthless and show no remorse or empathy.

Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo)
The Gestapo is the secret state police of the Third Reich. Their duties are similar to those of the SD, but they instead mainly focus on illegal activity and interrogation. The Gestapo works with the police force to process complaints filed by civilians and to root out criminals and troublemakers within Berlin.

As a member of the Gestapo, you should seek to create a network of informants in different paths of life and organisations to obtain as much information as possible, which is especially useful when dealing with organised crime. Furthermore, you may utilise a civilian outfit to contact your hidden informants and to watch suspicious civilians. When required, you will be the one to interrogate suspects and felons. You may also utilise the local police force to complete your tasks, especially when you decide to enter a suspicious building by force.

As an officer of the Gestapo, you should listen to the officers of the SD and assist them in any way you can. When there is no task at hand, you may operate independently to process complaints or track down illegal activity. The Gestapo, in-game, incarnates the role of the Kripo (Kriminalpolizei) partly, meaning they deal with street-level crime as well.
Hauptamt der Berliner Polizei

The Police force in 1943 was already incarnated into the SS. High ranking Police Officials were given SS ranks, and the Police became the executive tool of the RSHA, playing a key role both in mainland Germany and occupied territories.

On the server the Police Force is represented by 2 Waffen-SS companies, the 4.SS and the 7.SS.

7.SS Polizeiregiment Kompanie "Gustav"

The 7.SS is a Waffen-SS styled company that acts as a Police Force. Its members are comparable to standard police officers who answer to the SD and the Gestapo when assistance is required.

The 7.SS, like every police force, deals with all forms of crime (robberies, attacks, distribution/possession/production of contraband) and more. It is the executive tool of the RSHA, providing the manpower and firearms required for the missions of the SD and Gestapo to succeed. When they have not been assigned to a member of the SD or Gestapo, officers of the 7.SS patrol the streets and assist civilians whenever needed.

As a member of the police, you should always follow the orders of your superiors. Once you reach the rank of SS-Unterscharführer within the 7.SS, you are eligible to join the Gestapo or the SD.

4.SS Polizei-grenadier-regiment

The 4.SS Polizei-grenadier-regiment is a special-weapons-and-tactics Waffen SS company that acts as a support unit to the main Police Force, the 7.SS.

The 4.SS is a more exclusive Police Unit, with better equipment such as assault rifles and grenades, and is limited in numbers. They respond directly to the standard Police Force leaders whenever their company leader is absent. They are picked from the most intrepid Police Agents and undergo special training.

When not assigned to a particular task, they can assist the standard Police Force with patrolling the city of Berlin.

The SS-FHA was a branch of the SS that included administrative, supply and educational personnel. It had different responsibilities, ranging from the management of supplies to education of Non- and Commissioned Officers.

On our server 4 branches of the SS-FHA are availble through DarkRP jobs: the SS-Junkerschule, the Leibstandarte SS (1.SS), the SS-Verwaltungsamt and the SS-TV. We will cover only the two most important ones.

1.SS Leibstandarte "Adolf Hitler" Kompanie "Anton"

The 1.SS LSSAH served as a bodyguard company for key figures and buildings of the Reich, including private properties of High-Ranking Officials and Hitler himself.

The 1.SS servers as a Honour Guard, capable of delivering a "honourable" service to High-Ranking Officials of the SS, NSDAP and even Werhmacht. They can also assist the NSDAP in smaller tasks when there is no SS-TV available. The Honour Guard is taught on different garrison and combat tactics, and possesses elite weaponry that comes in handy when they assist the Police Force. They are also given driving lessons, as they usually act as chauffers for High-Command members.


The SS-VA was a section of the SS-FHA that dealt with administrative duties. They kept control of a good amount of documentation and archives of the SS.

The SS-VA serves as a General Staff for the SS-HC that can assign any member of it to any branch of the SS. They work as auxiliary COs, helping green Commanding Officers and integrating the role of Senior Commanding Officers during their absence.