SWRP “Spooktober” Update!

Hello everyone! We as SWRP hierarchy are now proud to present our newest additions to the server! This update is something we came up with to boost the value of money once again as well as adding some new and very unique civilian roleplay. We have also implemented some minor equipment changes for some regiments.

Golden Republic Mercenary

With this new Republic Mercenary equipped with a wide range of equipment you can experience all kinds of different fighting scenarios. For the price of 500 000cr you are able to purchase with the help of a super admin the cool looking Golden Republic Mercenary, he doesn’t even need to ask permission to get into MB, you may just grapple hook right into it as long as you advert it.. He is wearing a black armor with shiny golden decals as well as having one of the biggest loadout of all which is the following.

  • Dual Golden westars | Gold plated pistols which can shoot at rapid pace.

  • DLT-18 | A fast firing light machine gun with 150 bullets per magazine.

  • Blaster Rifle T4 | Scoped standard laser rifle with a lower fire rate with a higher damage.

  • Republic Sniper | Standard issue sniper with a suitable scope for long range shooting.

  • Bacta Gel Tube | Quick boost of HP when needed.

  • Speeders | Being able to spawn speeders right from the F4 entity menu.

This will be something fresh and exciting to see someone who have saved up all his money for this amazing job.

Rules: It is the same as the RM, you are a part of the republic and will fight with us, that’s about all.

Disguise Vendor!

A new way for the civs to infiltrate and gain intel from the insides of the base. When you now spawn as a civilian there will be a disguise vendor right next to you willing to sell all kinds of clone disguises. With the help of these you will be seen as another brother to all clones on base and may wander about if no suspiciousness is shown.

You can purchase the following disguises:

  • 501st Enlisted Trooper - 50 000cr

  • 501st Staff Officer - 70 000cr

  • CG Enlisted Trooper - 50 000cr

  • CG Staff Officer - 70 000cr

  • 74th Enlisted Trooper - 50 000cr

  • 74th Staff officer - 70 000cr

  • 433rd Intelligance Agent - 70 000cr

  • Battalion Officer Cadet - 1 000 000cr

And more to come in the future!

-You may NOT Meta game anyone who is disguised as a clone, to find out if they are a civ they must either refuse to listen to your orders (Not having weapons/equipments out) or present their lockpick. Failure to do so will get you a warning from staff.

-There are 2 jobs that are able to tell if you are in disguise. 433rd Intel and Battalion. They will not instantly know but if you are brought to them and questioned they will be able to reveal your true identity.

-If someone see you holding your lockpick or anything alike then you will be classed as a civ and may be called KOS on.

-If you get arrested for breaking a rule then you will be identified as a civ due to CG searching you. They may call a court case on you.

-With the staff officer or Battalion Officer Cadet disguise you are able to order appropriate troops but if shown “strange” behaviour or giving out scuffed commands then you might be a classed as a suspect.

-Most important of all, these are to add RP so do not try with all your might to expose a disguised civ by metagaming and following him, and especially not with the battalion officer cadet disguise, someone payed 1 000 000cr for that so be RP friendly.

Minor Changes

-ARC Equipment change | Replaced the DC-15a/s with the DH-17 which is a scoped smaller fully automatic laser rifle.

-GTM nerf attempt

-New droidekka models

-Fixed the discord link

-Revived Spooktober.

-New event saber fixes for sith and such during events.

-Added school holiday.

Happy Spooktober and Halloween!