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Denied Heiner Eldritch's Major Application

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Out-of-Character Section

OOC/Steam Name:
[W-G] AdmiralSoap


I am 22-years old. Turning 23 in the end of November.

OOC Rank(s):
Platinum VIP

Current Playtime:
2w 1d 17h

Country & Timezone:
Finland GMT+2

When did you join the server? For how long have you been in the army?:
I joined the server 15th of August 2018 and since day one I joined the Wehrmacht.

Can you speak and type English fluently? Do you own a microphone?:
I am completely fluent in English speaking and typing. I do own a microphone and I prefer to use microphone on the server more than typing.

How many warns do you have? Have you ever been kicked or banned?:
I have never been kicked or banned on the server. Also the link shows I have no warnings.

Have you read the Wehrmacht Handbook?:
Yes. I have read it and keep using it from time to time.

Previous Serious RP/Military RP Experience:
This server has actually been my first military RP experience.

What puts you above the other applicants? Why should you be picked for this position? What do you need to improve on?:
I would be one of the best applicants. I am very strict when it comes to discipline and obeying the rules of the Wehrmacht and the server. I am always showing my men a proper example of a great soldier. From the first day I joined the Wehrmacht I have been rising through the ranks with excellence. as a dedicated member of the military, working hard and I wish to help and guide the companies to stride for greatness and activity. I am well known in the Wehrmacht and I get along with everyone which is a good trait for a HC officer to own. I remain neutral in internal conflicts and not take sides even if the accused would be my favorite person on the server. I have been really active on the server and keep working towards the benefit of it. I'm a calm person, who can be fun to talk to. But when the time is to RP seriously I'm not having any fooling around lightly.

OOC Summary/Additional Information:
I live in Finland and at the moment I work a short term job as a cashier in nearby stores. So I’ve got plenty of time to be active on the server.

In-Character Section

In-Character Name:
Heiner Eldritch

Current Rank:
2.SS Panzer Division Hauptsturmführer

Highest Rank(s) Obtained:
2.SS Panzer Division Hauptsturmführer

Historical Context:
The Ersatzheer's (German Reserve Army) main role is to train new soldiers and officers to reinforce the frontlines fighting for the fatherland.
They would also protect the Reich from possible allied invasions. One of their other tasks is to test and approve all new military equipment before being sent to aid the frontlines.

Wehrkreis (Military districts) are made to help administrative officers have less paperwork.
The German soil would be divided into districts and each district handles their own area's recruitment and military training.

State the role of the Generalstab on the server, its duties and its relationship with the commissioned officers that run the different companies:

Roles of Generalstab are to oversee and communicate between the Wehrmacht divisions. Making them work together and assuring a working military force against all enemies of the reich.
They give guidance, comments and opinions to the COs of a division, making sure they'll exceed everyone's expectations and make the right decisions.
HC would also handle possible arguments inside the divisions if their own CO's can't seem to handle it. As they oversee the divisions they keep close ties to them. Seeing if anyone is proving their worth brilliantly and should be noticed or then if anyone from the NCO+ team is not worthy/ready for the given role. The Generalstab handles most of the Wehrmacht's paperwork.

Answer the following hypothetical questions in detail:

You are approached by an Unteroffizier. He tells you that his Hauptmann allegedly decided to demote someone unfairly. How would you deal with this?:
I would start by talking with the demoted man and get his side of the story along with anyone who might have seen or been involved with the situation. I would gather as much evidence as I possibly could before talking with the Hauptmann. I would get his reason for the demotion clear and discuss if the reason was enough for a demotion in his opinion. If the reason in my mind was inadequate. I would ask him to consider voiding the demotion and returning the man’s rank.

You are assigned to an inactive company and you are told to fix it. What changes would you make to it?: I’d start by checking out the company. Seeing if they have any active NCO and CO core team. If there isn’t even a core team. I’d request reinforcements from other companies if they could temporarily loan some of their NCO’s or CO’s. I would start planning possible advertising with the propaganda ministry to get the name of the company heard.(If the company is VIP+) I would work together with the CO’s of the other companies to ask if they’d be willing to ask some of their VIP members to possibly transfer to the company I’m overseeing.

It is reported to you that the SS has arrested an officer of the Wehrmacht. The officer claims that the arrest was illegitimate and he is being held in custody in the Ministry of the Interior. How would you react to this situation?: I would request a meeting with SS member in charge of the arrest as well as his superior. As the meeting would begin I’d go to the MOI. First meet up with the SS member and his superior and ask for all of the details about the arrest. We would also discuss what would the officer wish to be done to the Wehrmacht officer as a punishment. After that I’d wish to meet the Wehrmacht officer and ask his story of the arrest.
I’d work with the SS officer and come to a conclusion. If the Wehrmacht officer is found guilty of the crime. The punishment would be decided depending on the severity of the crime.

An influential high-ranking officer has been actively causing drama and has been attempting to get people demoted so he could gain more power. You have been commanded to investigate and handle this issue. How would you proceed?: I would start by going to the men that have been demoted. Getting their stories and insights on the matter. When I’d gotten some hard evidence on the demotions and the way that the officer has been acting. I’d ask to meet him in my office. Talking to him about his actions and what I’ve heard. I would tell him that this needs to stop now. Those actions are not acceptable behavior for an officer of the Wehrmacht. I’d keep an close eye to him and see if he starts behaving more seriously. If not. I’d take it up to the superiors and mention that he was warned that those actions are not suitable for an officer.
Edit notes: [23.11.2018]
  • - Changed current- and highest rank

  • - Changed my playtime to current

  • These changes are approved by Tom Agen
Posted Oct 24, 18 · OP · Last edited Nov 23, 18 by Heiner Eld...
Wilhelm Schuhmann PLATINUM-VIPPAC-3
You are ready for Major (in my opinion)

I know Heiner for a fairly long time and he recently recieved the Hauptsturmführer rank and i have nothing more to be negative agains him, and i did see him fixing 2.SS alot!

What makes me think Positive:
  • Ready
  • Able to do Paperwork
  • Commanding skills
  • Is a Hauptsturmführer and is fixing the regiment
What makes me think Negative:
  • Wasnt Haupsturmführer yet

  • Without him 2.SS will have Co problems again
I striked my Negatives because they are invalid now.
Posted Oct 28, 18 · Last edited Nov 23, 18 by Wilhelm Sc...

Serious player
Havent seen you minge about at some point
Good Application
Not a pain to read like most
Obersturmfuhrer not Hauptsturmfuhrer


Should be Major, even tho he is an Obersturmfuhrer and should go through Hauptsturmfuhrer, i fully support him on this one
Hermann Hess, Leutnant of GD.
Posted Nov 6, 18
For now, I will remain neutral.

Posted Nov 8, 18 · Last edited Dec 13, 18 by [WW2] Papa...
[WW2] Schrubener EXEC-ADMIN
To be fair you are probably one of the better COs inside the 2.SS. I also think you would make a fantastic Major. The time at the moment though isn't great. If you can pull the 2.SS out of the hole it is currently in and get it to a stable position it would be fantastic and then I'd give a plus one review.

No point in leaving a job half finished.

Good Luck
I don't think I need put a -1 in here as it would mean I am in negative support of you. Just some hopefully helpful advice.
Posted Nov 9, 18
Murokakku VIPPAC-3

Good guy
Posted Nov 28, 18
[WW2] Malte Scholze SENIOR-MODPAC-3
- You have proved to be a great Hauptsturmführer for 2.SS and have brought it back and made it probably one of the most active regiments within the Wehrmacht.
- Active
- More than competent in a leading role
Major Der Wehrmacht
Posted Nov 29, 18 · Last edited Nov 29, 18 by [WW2] Malt...

Heiner was one of the first people I met when I joined the server, he was always nice to me and made me feel welcome.
He is a great leader of the 2.SS they might be lost without him, but I am sure the 2.SS will not suffer for too long as they have some good CO's being trained up by Heiner himself.

-Very Active
-Very friendly
-Great leadership

Good Luck Heiner!
Posted Dec 5, 18
Tom Agen CO-OWNERForum Staff
Locked and Denied

Applicant resigned from his current position in the Military.
Posted Jan 5, 19
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