Rules and Regulations
For the purpose of maintaining a semi-serious atmosphere on our server, these rules must be followed at all times. Failure to do so will result in warnings or punishments.

Initiate: When you or someone else starts / joins a RP situation E.g. Mugging, Raiding or fighting in a gang war.

General Rules

  • You must initiate on someone verbaglly or in chat before you can kill them. If you are making demands you must give them 10 seconds to comply before you can kill them. E.g. “Leave this area or I will kill you”

  • You must not overuse CAPS in OOC

  • You must not go AFK for more than 10 minutes on any job other than citizen

  • You must be respectful to all players and staff

  • These jobs may NOT break any laws (robbing, raiding, carjacking etc.) aside from printing and making drugs: Gun Dealers, Security Guards, Bus Drivers, Paramedics (cannot print or make drugs), Firefighters (cannot print or make drugs).

  • You must not break New Life Rule (NLR) meaning you must not remember anything of your previous life.

  • Stealing firetrucks is against the rules and will result in a warning

  • If you die in a raid you may not return to the raid after your NLR is over unless you are a member of Law Enforcement however as Law Enforcement you must be called back by other people who haven't died yet.

  • You must not Random Death Match (RDM) meaning you kill someone without initiation.

  • When under gun point, you must not run away or pull out a weapon unless the person who has you under gun point starts to attempt to kill you. E.g. You are under gun point and someone shoots you while you are bound under FearRP, if you are quick enough you may pull out your weapon (generally relies on that person missing)

  • You may only kidnap someone once every 15 minutes. The maximum price for a hostage is 15k and you can hold them for a maximum of 10 minutes before either executing or releasing them.

  • You must not Metagame (use OOC information to benefit you in RP)

  • Green zones are areas in which you shouldn't initiate in RP situations and are generally OOC areas. Though if you use them to escape RP, the other participant can still continue with RP e.g. Kill you.

  • You must not use props to kill/push/climb/surf/block

  • You may use /job to change your job however FIB, NOOSE and Police jobs higher than and including Lieutenant can detect if it is a fake ID

  • You must not advertise any websites, IPs, communities, etc. unless authorised by the hierarchy

  • You must not scam other players, a preset deal must be followed through

  • You must not cheat, hack or exploit

  • You must not use sitting to abuse in anyway.

  • You must not use cuffs while in sights of a weapon

  • Any job can raid/kidnap/mug unless the job description specifies otherwise

  • You must not argue with staff in a uncivilised manner, especially in OOC. You have the right to discuss your point but not in a way that is condescending.

  • You must always listen to staff’s demands

  • You must not kill, run away, disrespect while in a Admin Sit

  • You may not attach anything to your car, lights, props, lamps etc are not allowed.

  • As gun dealer, you may only have a pistol and you must buy it off another dealer and not self supply. You may supply yourself a pistol if there are no other gun dealers on. It also counts as self supply if you provide weapons for other players and they give their weapons back to you.

  • As gun dealer, you may only charge a maximum of 25% more than what the shipment cost you, this is to prevent overcharging.

Raiding / Mugging / Kidnapping Rules

Rules for adverting in game actions:
You must advert for:
  • Raid (including assisting a Raid)
  • Mayor Assassination (You must also advert this when raiding the PD if you wish to kill the mayor otherwise it is RDM)
  • PD Raid (including assisting a PD Raid)
  • Gang Wars (Both sides must advert acceptance of war with permission from senior admin+)
  • Counter (Unless it is in self defense and you have actually been damaged by the attacker)

You don't have to advert for (but must make it clear in RP):
  • Mug
  • Kidnap
  • Steal (Taking money/shipments off the street however you cannot do this inside owned buildings as that counts as a raid)
  • Countering your own arrest (you may KOS police attempting to arrest you but you must follow FearRP)
  • Carjack (Carjacking makes you KOS for the owner and AOS for police)

  • ______________________________________________________________________________

  • You must not interfere in a raid you died in until it is over.

  • You must not raid buildings with a building sign up.

  • You must wait for at least 30 minutes before raiding the same player or the PD again.

  • The Mayor can not be killed within the first 10 minutes of being elected (unless he is killed by self defense), you can only attempt a Mayor assassination once every 15 minutes. If the Mayor is killed unfairly then they will be reset back to Mayor.

  • You must not raid or mug hobos, however, kidnapping is allowed.

  • You must not kill the mayor in a PD raid unless he poses a threat. (For example if he’s shooting at you)

  • You must give people at least 10 seconds to drop the money when mugging someone.

  • You must keep to the maximum mug price of $1000.

  • You must wait at least 15 minutes before mugging the same person again and 5 minutes before mugging another person.

  • You must release someone you kidnap after 10 minutes.

  • You must not mug or kidnap in spawn.

  • You must wait at least 15 minutes before kidnapping the same person again, meaning after releasing someone you have to wait 15 minutes.

  • You must only kill those who pose a threat in a raid, pd raid, mug or kidnap.

  • Maximum price you can charge an owner for their car is 25k

  • You must start all raids from the outside of the building (Adverting it)

Building Rules

  • Prop limits vary by usergroup, User: 75, VIP: 100, Platinum+: 125

  • Only hobos may build in public however if they build somewhere that is in an unowned public area but then it becomes owned, (e.i. the lawn infront of someone's house), they must then leave

  • You may only have 3 fading doors as an actual door and then 2 per person for storage e.g. printers.

  • When creating fading doors, the keypad must be visible and reachable by other players.

  • Your base must be realistic. You cannot build large or unrealistic extensions to your house.

  • You must always have a working keypad/button on your fading door

  • Doors must be accessible to get through without jumping or crouching.

  • The minimum time that a fading door must be open is 5 seconds

  • You must not build during a raid. This gives you an unfair advantage

  • You may block off OUTSIDE entrances to your base however you must have at least 2 either open or with a fading door. You may NOT block any inside doors in your house. You may only have 1 entrance open if you are a gun or black market dealer to allow you to build a shop.

  • You must not create prop vehicles

  • You must not make bases with one way advantages

  • You may create roadblocks as a Law Enforcement with permission from the mayor or the highest rank available at the time

  • You must not raid a accommodation with a building sign

  • You must not hold any valuable items inside your accommodation when a building sign is present E.g. Cars, printers etc

  • You must not use KOS signs / lines for any area, you must initiate on people trespassing before you have the right to kill. E.g. Verbal warnings/Chat. Unless this person is already posing a threat to you, at which point you have the right to kill immediately.

Gang Rules
Gangs are separated by default and are not allied with each other unless specified by the gang leader. (Meaning separate groups cannot; Raid, base or sell weapons to each other)

  • You must not initiate a war without good reason (As determined by staff)

  • You must not initiate a war without holding the rank of Gang Leader (MUST BE ACCEPTED BY A STAFF MEMBER)

  • Wars must not last longer than 15 minutes

  • You must not kill anyone inside of Green Zones*

  • As a gang Arms Dealer you must not sell weapons to anyone that is not in your faction

Government Rules

  • You must not randomly arrest someone, there must be justification for their arrest

  • You must not break the law as a member of the Government faction

  • You must follow superiors orders

  • You must not be corrupt in any way at all (unless being bribed by a business RP group)

  • You must not open fire on suspects that are not armed

  • You must not enter someones home without permission from the homeowner or a warrant for search

  • You must physically see printers or drugs/drug equipment to apply for a warrant

  • You may only use weapons given to you by the government and any government officials

  • As mayor, you can not change or rebuke the 3 default laws, you may also not make any group immune to laws.

  • The mayor may not partake in any combat situations unless it is self defense and can not use any weapons larger than a pistol

  • You must not have your own accommodation unless you are creating a mayors safe-house

  • You must not random weapon check, the suspect must be detained with reason before they can be searched

  • Negotiations can only be done by the highest FIB member on. If there are no FIB on then unless the Police Chief is on you must carry out a raid to return the hostages.

  • Merryweather when not hired work with the government and the police ( Merryweather can be hired by anyone thus being against the police in some cases).

FIB Undercover Rules:
  • You may rob and steal cars from the other gang members but you must not kill unless it is necessary just like normal FIB, otherwise you must NOT take part in criminal activity

  • If you are undercover you must advert counter if you wish to stop criminal activity

  • You are able to own doors and base provided you are with other members of the gang you are undercover with

Ticket rules:
Ticket Prices (Some of these may only be enforced if the mayor has set laws):
  • Parking in bus zones - $100
  • Red Lighting (Going through red lights) - $250

  • Speeding - $500
  • Dangerous Driving (Not driving on the road/ramming) - $1000
Side note: failing to pay a ticket will result in you being made wanted automatically

Merryweather Rules
  • As Merryweather you all must work as a group not spit across other gangs.
  • Merryweather (when not hired by other individual) operate under the mayors control like police.
  • Merryweather are mercenaries so they are allowed to raid and do criminal activities as such.

PAC3 Rules
  • You must not use any massive props.
  • You must not put any weird things on your body, keep it realistic.
  • You must not put any annoying stuff on your body which can ruin others' gameplay.
  • You must make it so that it fits in with your job. (For example a Hobo shouldn't have a gun on his back etc.)
  • You must not change your model with PAC3, this is unrealistic. Exceptions are putting models on that are for RP e.g. Wearing suits. Though this is generally under admins opinion.

E2 Rules
  • You may only run an E2 lottery with permission from the Co-Owner or Owner
  • Scamming or affecting unwilling players with E2 is NOT allowed
  • Creating anything which provides you with an unfair advantage with E2 such as ESP is bannable. If a staff member asks you to remove your E2 you must do it.
  • Abusing the MoneyRequest() function will get you warned, banned and your E2 revoked permanantly
  • Any sort of casino E2s are banned without explicit permission from the Co-Owner or Owner

Green Zones

The Green Zones are as follows:

The Town Hall

Garden outside Town Hall

Hospital Grounds - This includes the car park and behind the hospital



Bottom floor of parking garage


  • You must not initiate on anyone inside these green zones

  • You must not do any trades inside of green zones

  • You may return to a green zone while initiated on but this does not make you invulnerable when you enter the green zone

  • You must not make use of green zones to prevent initiating in the first place


It is at the discretion of the staff to decide all rules broken

Any actions that are considered ‘Loop Holes’ will result in a harsher punishments