Star Wars RP Rules and Regulations

This thread includes:
Rules of the server
Event Enemy Guidelines
Commander Rules
General Rules

  • Random Death Matching (RDM) is not allowed
  • You must always stay in character and role play every situation that you come across, otherwise this will be considered Fail Role Play (FailRP)
  • You must not be disrespectful, bully, use all caps or swear in Out Of Character Chat (OOC)
  • You must not abuse your privilege to use props. This can involve Prop Surfing, blocking or killing
  • You must not use any homophobic, racist or offensive language In character (IC) or out of character(OOC)
  • Power gaming is not permitted e.g. “/me cuts out of cuffs”
  • Mic spamming is not permitted
  • You must be respectful to all other clones and Jedi as they are your brothers
  • Anything that is considered detrimental to the roleplay of any situation by a staff member is to be respected
  • You must not run around with Physgun or Gravgun if your not building
  • Anything that is considered a loophole of the rules will result in harsher punishments!
  • Downtime is not a thing you are to follow all rules at all times.
  • When playing any job that is not Jedi you are to reset your skills.

Roleplay Rules

  • Always follow your commanding officers orders!!
  • Do not do passive roleplay that may be considered inappropriate in any way (/me spits on Battalion General).
  • As a cadet, you do not leave the spawn room, without trainer supervision.
  • You may not create player-made events (PME) without Event Planner or Senior Admin+ Permission
  • You are not allowed to change your job name to inappropriate names.
  • You may only have one RP character, the only exception is VIP jobs and Jedi.
  • You must not overuse advert or radio, keep it clear and concise. Also do not say mingey things e.g. “Execute Order 66”
  • You must not break character unless necessary, use /looc or announce that you will be talking OOC
  • You must complete all roleplay situations before leaving the server, e.g. being arrested and leaving: this is considered Leave To Avoid Role Play (LTARP)
  • If you are selected to be apart of an event then you must follow the instructions of roleplay given to you e.g. You must not speak
  • JEDI NLR: As a member of the JEDI, you are bound under the NLR rule. This means that you may not return to the area of your death OR return to the same RP situation for 2 minutes after your death.
  • Exception to this rule is if you are battling a Sith at which you can return after 1 minute

Civilian Rules

As a civilian you are primarily there for an immersive purpose. During events you must role play as a civilian would, although you can on occasions engage with the event enemies.

Pickpocketing or entering an area that you are not allowed access to e.g Rishi moon Base is automatically KOS

  • You may not engage in behaviour that is detrimental to the RP of the clones on Base. This can involve disturbing trainings, kidnapping or PME(Player Made Events)

  • Just because you have access to a weapon does not mean you should use it. Use it only in a situation where threatened.
  • As a civilian on occasions you may collaborate with the event enemies where suited e.g. Mafia or some sort of criminal organisation. You may not collaborate with the likes of the CIS or Shadow Collective etc.
  • You may not pickpocket AFK's
  • FearRP applies for civilians meaning you may not run away when a gun is being pointed at you and you may not pull out a weapon while a weapon is pointed at you
  • Civilians may not steal ships but may steal land vehicles
  • It is at the discretion of staff to decide what is detrimental to role play on base and during events

  • Upon entering Main Base, once being killed, you are not permitted to return to the base until 10 minutes has passed.

Regiment Rules

  • You may not voluntarily leave a regiment if you have not been in it for 5 days at least. Necessary Battalion members should be contacted if you want an exception
  • If you are EXO+ you MUST inform the Head of Battalion+ that you are resigning.

  • If you wish to transfer your rank to another regiment you must speak with the necessary Battalion member
  • OOC Regimental disrespect is not permitted.

Event Character Rules

Combat Rules

  • Do not run around clones that aren’t dead, you must simulate a real tactical efficient push rather than running past people and using your extra health to your advantage e.g. Running past a firing squad as if your not being shot

  • You must always attack as a group unless told otherwise
  • Use the weapons that you are told you are allowed to use, just because your job has them doesn't mean you can use them

Code of Conduct

  • If you have been selected to be apart of an event it is because you have been pointed out as someone who is trustworthy and good at roleplaying, do not betray this trust. Always stay in the character you are meant to play
  • If your character has a personality feel free to make jokes and make things entertaining for the players you come into contact with, this by no means break character or become mingey
  • Follow the commands of the event planner exactly to what they say and do nothing else that you feel would improve it, if you feel you have a suggestion, ask the event planner in charge first.
  • Do not Cuff people while in combat, you must kill everyone nearby first
  • You can not take advantage of cloaking while crouched, you must be out of sight before you crouch and cloak
  • Do not spam force powers that are considered overpowered (Force Choke)

Admin Sit Rules

  • You must always show staff members respect regardless of the situation
  • When a staff member has brought you to a sit you may not leave unless you have been told otherwise (LTAP)
  • You must not be offensive to staff members (DTS)
  • If you think you have been dealt with incorrectly or there has been an element of abuse involved then contact Hierarchy on the Teamspeak server or make a staff report on the forums.
Pac-3 Rules

  • All Pac-3s MUST be Role-play friendly to Star Wars the Clone Wars or the Sci-Fi Genre.

  • If a staff member asks you to remove your Pac-3 you MUST listen to their instruction.

  • The only place you are allowed to use non RP Pac-3s is inside the bar on Rishimoon and the Venator.
Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning from staff and continued offences may lead to your Pac-3 access being removed.
Commander Rules and Regulations
Upon becoming a commander of a WG SWRP regiment, it is compulsory for you to follow the rules and understand that if you are commanding a regiment, you are under Werwolf Gaming rules and not your own. Any Executive Officer, Vice-Commander or Commander of any regiment (Custom or Not), found disobeying the following rules will be punished accordingly.

No Discords that are not official WG servers for any documents relating to your regiments. Use the Official Discord voice channels or the Teamspeak 3 server to communicate with your regiments. Old regimental servers may be left online to talk with members of your regiments, however if there is any material regarding training documents or any form of anti-community chat, the Commander will be held responsible and punished in any way the Hierarchy see's fit.

Regimental Training must occur at least 2 times every week and be posted in the relevant channel on Discord.

The highest rank to be gained directly by a tryout is PVT, unless otherwise stated by Rear Admiral+
If an EXO+ of a regiment transfers to another, they can be given Lieutenant at most, unless otherwise stated by Rear Admiral+
Serious changes to regiment, must be discussed with a suitable Battalion member or passed onto your suppervisor and they will take it higher.
Bias will not be tolerated by regimental hierarchy, if ranks are given just because they are your friend, that person will be removed instantly, and the person who fast promoted will be penalised.
EXO/VC tryouts will not be tolerated, unless otherwise permitted by Rear Admiral+.
Commanders are to not make semi-major decisions (Such as Demotions, Blacklists etc.) without discussing with EXO and VC.
Commander LOAs must be given to the Admiral and he will decide if you are able to keep your position on your leave. If not he may demote or get temporary replacement.
Regimental tryouts must occur at least three times a week, unless regiment is starting to overflow in players. The Marshal/Senior Commanders are able to blacklist you from tryouts if other regiments need members.
Regiments must not exceed 25 players (excluding regimental hierarchy) in the full regiment, disregarding CTs.
Regimental hierarchy MUST set a positive example.
If you resign from your regimental position, under no circumstances are you to change your mind and go back to the job WITHOUT the Admiral's authorization.
Not going on the server over 3 days, with no word will warrant a demotion. Please post in absence channel. If multiple absences are seen then the Battalion hierarchy may hand out a demotion.

Please remember that any attempts to find a loophole in any of these rules will result in harsher punishments!Please also be aware that just because a rule isn't written in this thread but would be considered detrimental to the role play experience of players, doesn't mean you can do it, USE INITIATIVE!