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Accepted [Registry Thread][Funded][Custom Job] Saefkow-Jacob-Bästlein Organization

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SJBO Application

In-Game name (one you use most often): Hugo Stein / Hugo Martini
Steam Name: Σ Alpha Σ

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:434923299

Current Playtime: It says 4 days. But in my opinion it is at least 1 month.

Your current jobs on the server: Oberhelfer der Propaganda, 7SS Schutze (I dont use 7SS too much).

Previous jobs you want to mention: No important one.

What do you know about the S.J.B.O. Historically, Who are the S.J.B.O.? (150 words): S.J.B.O , or the Saefkow-Jacob-Bästlein Organization, was a Soviet kind
of German Resistance that published some illegal magazines, such as the The Internal Front. In the 1940’s, the Communist Part of Germany, with Soviet
support, attempted to operate underground to build a unified front of resistance against the Nationalist government. S.J.B.O was funded by USSR and
also was begining to steal Weapons from the Nazis. Later, Weapons started to be droped by French resistance. S.J.B.O was one of the largest resistance groups
in the Third Reich. The group actualy operates in Berlin and, sometimes, are helped by the local German Resistance. Some of its members have been captured and interrogated
by Gestapos, and later, executed. The punishment for traitors are almost the same that the German Volksgerichtshof, but less formal.

What do you know about the S.J.B.O. Group wise (Ranks, Leadership, Weapons) [100 words]:
S.J.B.O Leader - They command the rest of the S.J.B.O and organise them to disrupt Reich activities,
and the main person that tries to cooperate with the rest of the Resistance inside Berlin.
Leader's Equipment - C96 Pistol, Shackles and a knife.
Abilities: Fake ID

S.J.B.O Head Operative - Acts as second in charge of the S.J.B.O he commands the people below him if the Leader is absent.
Head Operative's Equipment - M1911 Pistol, Shackles, knife and a Lockpick.
Abilities - Fake ID

S.J.B.O Operative - These main armed members of the S.J.B.O, they are used in the more difficult tasks that will involve more violent action.
Operative's Equipment - C96 Carabine, Shakles and lockpick
Abilities: Disguise Dealer

S.J.B.O Wächter - These are the heavily armed members of the S.J.B.O, they are only deployed
in the most demanding situations that demand the deadliest equipment.
Wächter's Equipment - M1918 Rifle, Shakles and lockpicks.

Do you play Resistance often (50 words): Yes, I do. I like to play more with resistance than
NSDAP. Thats because the German government is corrupt and can't even save a member od their own
government. With resistance, I can earn weapons, maybe money and put some terror in the German

How would you rate your RP on 1-10: 7. (Depending on the situation 9).

How many warnings do you have: 9

Do you have any skills: Planning stuff

Are you good with Photographs and document making: Never tried before... But I will do My best.

Why do you want to join the S.J.B.O.? Because im tired of the German Dictadorship and its sickness with the
crazy killer Adolf Hitler. I want Germany to be afraid of Russia and maybe, make the German government fall.

IC Section

S.J.B.O. Character Name: Hugo Dimitriev, Ivan Martini or the normal one: Hugo Martini.


What is your character’s background? (Why did he/she join the S.J.B.O.? Where in their life
they decided to join? How did they join? [Keep this realistic but simple], What were they doing before they joined?(600 words): Hugo Stein was born in Germany, but growed in Brazil
He came to germany when the Third Reich started growing. He decided to join the NSDAP to have some kind of authority... But that didn't work, as the German government was really Corrupt.
He tried to join the People's Court of the Third Reich, but apparently he wasn't the guy for it. In his days of NSDAP, he noticed a different type of magazine, a resistance magazine.
The magazine said that the German government was corrupt and has been killing people for no reason in the last years. He agreed with the magazine, and didn't redacted it for the people.
He wasn't active with NSDAP any more.. Now he was trying to join some kind of German resistance. Manipulating German propaganda, making aliances with the German Mafia, and things like that. After some years, he saw another resistance magazine, containing images of NSDAP members killed by russians, He liked it, since, He wasn't afiliated with
the German government anymnore, He decided to join the magazine resistance. He, then, walked up to where he thought were their base. He knocked on the door andfaced a man. He then asked how to join the corporation, the man said there were open interviews so Hugo subscribed for them, Ihis time to go to in the office for the intreview a man told him that if he were denied, he didn't saw anything on that building. After a long conversation with what he thought was the ''boss'' he was accepted in. Now, hes a S.J.B.O member, and he will do his best to make his leaders satisfied.

Additional RP information you would like to add: Nothing more.
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In-Game name (one you use most often):Clemens Ederr(U can get banned for having lowercase Eder :()


Steam ID:

Current Playtime:1w 5d 20m

Your current jobs on the server:2.SS Schutze , Finanzen Oberslaiter

Previous jobs you want to mention:None

What do you know about the S.J.B.O. Historically, Who are the S.J.B.O.? (150 words):
S.J.B.O is the biggest organised resistance group in nazi germany , which publicated the Internal frontier book and fought against the nazis in raids, attacks , espionage and ambushes
They are organised and well equiped, they work with the French resistance , Soviet union and other individuals to achieve their goals of freeing germany of their current leadership and ending the war
The S.J.B.O Consisted of the K,P,D (The german socialist party) and other men , it was made to build a unified resistance front in germany
They get most of their weapons thru smuggling by the french resistance or it getting airdropped by the soviet union
Their hub is located in berlin and their operations ended in 1944 when the gestapo got a breakthrought and busted them
executing many of their members and leaders(30) (127)
They resisted for 2 years and proved a challange for the german autorities and the gestpao which attempted to bust them down

What do you know about the S.J.B.O. Group wise (Ranks, Leadership, Weapons) [100 words]:
From my experience as S.J.B.O Associate i know they are very well equiped , their arsenal includes Mafia weapons, bolt action rifles , Light machine guns , shackles , elastic shackles and their ability to lockpick AFV , APC's and Tanks
For ranks i've only saw S.J.B.O Watcher , S.J.B.O Leader of the communist party and S,J,B.O Operative online ,
As for leadership i do not remeber their name as i just came for a break of 3 months..
I also learned from my experience as S.J.B.O associate that they are really well organised and are very good in kidnapping's espionage and getting away from gestapo in style or not

Do you play Resistance often (50 words):

Yes i play resistance often as i like ambushing , kidnapping and raiding the 7.SS , 1.SS and if possible high ranking Wechrmart raids
In raid i will most be the sniper standing far away and head-shooting the enemies or take a few guys out before the raid , addiitionaly provide support and intelligence about enemy moves and pushes.

How would you rate your RP on 1-10:
7 - If there's nothing to do for a long time ill just start minging ,

How many warnings do you have:
19 warnings which are quite old , i did not get any warnings from the first break

Do you have any skills:

Im good at snipin and providing support , building fortifications and spraying down enemies ,

Are you good with Photographs and document making:

Why do you want to join the S.J.B.O.?
I want to join S.J.B.O as they are a organised resistance , i really get tired when the Resistance won't follow orders or i can't do raids because of them not wanting to do any thingy

IC Section

S.J.B.O. Character Name:Clemens Ederr


What is your character’s background? (Why did he/she join the S.J.B.O.? Where in their life
He joined the SJBO as he got tired of the current regime , which kept desroying his life
He joined SJBO at the age of 23 when the Werchmart took away his farm land for the "Reich"
they decided to join? How did they join? [Keep this realistic but simple], What were they doing before they joined?(600 words):
My character decided to join after the werchmart has ruined his like a multiple of times , by stealing his money , confiscating land , forcing him to work and hurting him in those proccesses
My character joined by first searching for an associate , in the night and day , he kept using his binoculars to look for any suspicious activity near the Local Military base , during those nights he monitored where the SJBO went , how they acted and where they retreated
In one night , when SJBO conducted a kidnapping , he interuppted them at the final to ask them to join , as they were hurrying the SJBO Operative's gave him an adress and an hour to be there at
He comes to the adress at the exact hour and 3 snipers in 3 different appartaments , he knew they were suspicious of him being gestapo
Anyway the SJBO Operative comes and escorts him to a room with a SJBO Physcologist , where he is mentally tested to see if hes a Gestapo or not , they ask him about the reasons , the happenins and his ways
After the physcologist gave him the Green light , he was taken into another room where we was asked for his aptitudes, skills and history of work , he slowly notes all of them on paper and hands them to the SJBO Worker , which puts them in a document file of all the SJBO Members
After that my characters follows an instruction in picklocketing , kidnapping , disarming and distrupting which takes 6 months to complete , after that he officialy became part of SJBO

He has proven himself to be an expectional sniper as his past experience made him require hunting skills to be able to live and purchase goods ,( I am going to be hones there i can't reach this word counts oof)

Additional RP information you would like to add:
Posted Jan 6, 19
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