We have always tried to fix the medal system that we have on Teamspeak. However, due to certain people and regulations, it has always failed and it's just turned into who can have the most medals. In the past, we haven't really had meanings for any of the medals or official requirements.

Anyways, the Founder Administration Team gathered to discuss things we could finalise and stabilise or update in the community to further improve the quality of the community as a whole. And so we came up with a bunch of new things which you guys will be seeing over the new few days or weeks about improvements but the first thing we decided to go further with is the Medal System. This is because we feel as though Teamspeak medals are a way for us to show gratitude and reward those who have continued to show their dedication towards this community.

Rules & Regulations

Hierarchy must follow these rules and enforce them, failing to do so will have consequences. All these rules have been made to better make sure Teamspeak looks cleaner and nicer for new members.

  • Hierarchy must not have any regiment tags. For example, you can't have [wolfpack member] tag if you are hierarchy because it is not needed and it just adds another useless tag onto you.
  • Hierarchy should give medals out in meetings or to staff who deserve them.
  • Hierarchy should only have their server tags, the medals they acquire and that is it. No regiment tags, no extra useless tags.
  • Hierarchy should never spam themselves with tags or have any of the tags they aren't supposed to have like Member, PlatVIP, EliteVIP etc.
  • Staff should never have donater tags like PlatVIP etc.
  • If you are from WW2, you are able to have 2 regiment tags because of the different regiment structure.
  • EVERYONE must only have ONE regiment tag. If you are in multiple regiments, choose the one you are highest ranking in. Then you will have that one.
  • You must only get the medal once you meet the requirements.

Branches & Medals

There are currently 5 branches in the current medal system.
Elite Community Medals, then has a Sub-Branch called Community Medals
Community Service Medal, then it has a Sub-Branch called Server Service Medals.
Community Service Medal, then it has a Sub-Branch called Server Service Medals.
Staff Team Medals

Elite Community Medals
These are the most prestigious medals given to members of the community for outstanding dedication, loyalty, contribution, commitment, effort and performance towards the community as a whole. These medals are normally only given out to Hierarchy by the highest ranking members of the community from Community Co-Owners to Co-Founder and Founder. These medals are a great honour to hold and will only be given out under agreement from other people within the Founder Administration Team. Some of these medals will only be given out by the Founder and Co-Founder for their own reasons to certain people.

Community Medals
This is a Sub-Branch of the Elite Community Medals. These medals can be awarded to anyone within the community who have shown their effort and time and good behaviour. These will be given out by the Community Co-Owner and above. These medals are a sign of gratitude for your time and loyalty.

Service Medals
These medals are awarded to those who have dedicated time and effort into the community by remaining and thriving throughout the years in the community giving their best towards W-G. Some of these medals will be given out by Community Co-Owners while the Veteran Service Medal will be given out by the Founder & Co-Founder.

Server Service Medals
This is a Sub-Branch of the Service Medals. These medals are awarded to the utmost loyal, dedicated and good working staff members who have more than 1 year and showed absolute outstanding performance towards the server and staff team. These medals will only be awarded by Community Co-Owners and above. Your server Owner must vouch for you to receive this or some sort of verification must be provided of your 1-year stay.

Staff Team Merits
These medals are awarded to staff members depending on the rank they have achieved and the dedication/contribution they have shown to their server and staff teams. These final medals will be the one's hierarchy will hand out to their staff teams. These medals will be given out in meetings to people who have given their absolute best and shown an amazing amount of good behaviour, activity and performance. They have shown maturity and shown that they can be an excellent staff an example for the rest. These medals work up from 4th Class Merit all the way up to Elite Merit.




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