This post will outline how to donate with the below methods;
  • PaySafe Code/Card (We accept all regions)
  • Steam wallet Code (We accept all regions)
  • Steam items/CSGO/TF2/PUBG ect (We accept items from across all of Steam.)
  • Gifting a game/number of games valued equally to the package price.
  • Amazon Giftcard/Code
  • Manual Bank transfer or a manual PayPal payment (If your country doesn't support fast transactions for example)

You will receive your package immediately upon completing a donation.

All transactions with the methods above are done via the Founder who is available as long as he is online Steam, if he is offline please leave him a message in his comment box or though his PM's and he will get back to you when he is back at his PC!

We have dealt 100's of manual transactions and customers as evident in my Steam profile; please add me if you wish to donate with ANY of the above methods or have anymore questions!

Add to donate! Founder's Steam Profile:

Best wishes,
Thank you!