Nazi Germany Roleplay 1943 - Rules
Written and edited by Walter, Tom, Hawk, Josef and Widmer.

Section 1 - General Roleplay Rules
1.1 - Character Names
Your character must have a proper roleplay name. This means that you must have a first name and a last name that is not mingy. Your name must be original - no names of historical figures or celebrities.
Suggestion: you can look up on google “german male names”

1.2 - Metagaming
You may not use information that you only know OOCly while you are in character. This includes the names/jobs of strangers. This includes calling for police using /911 or /request during a kidnap or using group chat to ask for help during one or other similar situations.
Example: raiding a base as Government Official just because you have heard cocaine being cooked in it

1.3 - FailRP
1.3.1: You must always remain in character on the server unless you are in an OOC situation (for example, a staff sit). You may only perform actions that make sense from an IC perspective. As this is a Serious RP server, any violations will be strictly punished. Look at the punishment list for common FailRP infractions.

1.3.2: You may not sit or jump on people's heads. That is considered FailRP.

1.3.3: You may not sit on vehicles using ALT+E, unless it is a) an event or b) permitted by the Server Management Team.

1.3.4: Minging or Trolling of any kind will result in a 2 week ban to a permanent one.

1.3.5: The act of Combat Baiting (actions solely done to provoke fights) is strictly forbidden. This includes putting up communist insignia in front of Government Officials, taking out your gun in front of Government Officials for no reason as a citizen, making it obvious that you are resistance or mafia etc.

1.3.6: Use common sense. if something wouldn't happen in real life, do not do it in-game. Semi-serous and nonsensical behaviour is considered FailRP. If there is a dispute about this kind of behaviour, the decision will be taken by the Server Management Team or the highest Staff Member online at that moment.

1.4.1: You need a valid in-character reason to attack/kill/handcuff/arrest another player.
Example: as a Police Officer, you spot another player breaking the law, you have the right to detain and/or arrest him.

1.4.2: Resistance can not randomly shoot government officials/law enforcement agents/soldiers without a proper IC reason.

1.5 - FearRP
1.5.1: If a gun is pointed at you, you must do whatever the person with the weapon tells you (Safety does not count as gunpoint). An exception to this are unreasonable/FailRP demands.
Remember: if someone forces you to break the rules by pointing a weapon at you, they’re not allowed to and you should call a Staff Member.

1.5.2: You may not take a weapon out or disable your weapon’s safety while at gunpoint.

1.5.3: If you are in a car and you are at gunpoint, you must still abide by FearRP. Keep in mind the gunpoint does not affect all the occupants of the vehicle, but only the player that is the closest to the gunpointer.
Example: if you want to gunpoint 4 occupants, you need 4 players outside of the vehicle with their weapons pointed at the occupants.

1.6 - NLR
Whenever your character dies, he forgets everything that happened in your previous life. Do not return to the area of your death the NLR timer on your screen expires. (3 minutes.)
Remember: You are not allowed to come back after you die in your vehicle to pick it up, you must still abide by the NLR rule.

1.7 - Erotic Roleplay
ERP is strictly forbidden. Any and all ERPers will be permanently banned.

1.8 - Perma Death
If your character is killed during an event or an important situation in roleplay (i.e. after a trial), you may be forced to change your name and/or job.

1.9 - Fake IDs
Fake IDs are a feature used by classes that would normally be considered outlawed (Resistance, Mafia, Criminals etc) to conceal their identity from law enforcement. The only FakeIDs you are allowed to use are the jobs under the “Citizens of Berlin” category in the F4 Menu. You can use one like so:
/job Job Name
You need to substitute “Job Name” with one of the valid FakeIDs.
Example: /job German Citizen, /job Nurse

Not all jobs are allowed to use or spot Fake IDs. For a complete list, please check the Fake ID thread in the development section of our forums:

1.10 - Personal Vehicles as a Reich Member
NCOs and Enlisted Men of the Army and SS are not allowed to own/drive a car on their own. They either have to be ordered to do so or be driving an Officer around. Even if ordered a good RP reason needs to be given for it.
Section 2 - Out-of-Character & Chat Rules

2.1 - Feature & Third Party Program Abuse
2.1.1: Do not abuse server features or glitches. This includes World Effect Abuse, third person abuse, and sit abuse.

2.1.2: Do not attempt to use hacks or scripts. Doing so will result in a perma ban.

2.2 - Job Abuse & Self Supply
2.2.1: You may not change between different jobs for personal benefit (i.e. changing to a police job to release your friend from jail.)

2.2.2: As a weapons dealer, you may not purchase weapons for yourself.

2.3 - Chat Language
As this is an English server, English must be used at all times - both in character and out of character. However, you may use rudimentary terms in German for the sake of RP should you so wish. (i.e.: Calling your officer "Herr" instead of sir etc.)

2.4 - Communication and OOC behaviour
2.4.1: Do not disrespect or start arguments with other players or staff on an OOC basis. This includes OOC chat, sits, and private messages.

2.4.2: Flaming, as so to continually rant or cause flame in OOC is considered a punishment. If you have been told to be quiet by an admin and you fail to do so and flame, you will be punished.

2.4.3 - Leaving/Changing Name to Avoid Roleplay/Punishment
You may not disconnect from the server or change your in character name to avoid a roleplay situation or to avoid punishment from a staff member.

2.4.4 - Chat/Microphone Spam
You may not spam your microphone or any in-game channel. This includes in-character chat and admin chat.

2.4.5 - External Advertising
Do NOT advertise any personal projects (YouTube, Twitch etc.) without the permission of the Owner. This will result in a permanent ban.

2.4.6 - Group Chat
Group chat may be used as an In Character channel for long range communication and it is to be used as a radio transmitter for coordination, such as getting a unit to head somewhere for training. However, you may not use it to metagame. (i.e. calling for reinforcements during a kidnap, giving away your location etc).

2.4.7 - Personal Messages (PMs)
PMs should only be used for out-of-character messages. Sending in-character messages as PMs is considered metagaming.

2.4.8 - Printer/Ammo/Vehicle Bombing
You may not use printers or ammunition boxes to deal damage to other players. In the same way, you cannot blow up cars on purpose to start fires.

2.4.9 - Output and input devices
All of your output and input devices must be fully working. Your sound must be 100% working - if it is not, you cannot be a part of the RP and you must not access the server unless you have fixed the issue. You can use your keyboard instead of your microphone to communicate with players and Staff members.
If your sound stopped working suddendly, you can call a Staff member in-game and he will try to help you; remember, our Staff Team is not guaranteed to be a "technician team" and therefore you might have to solve the issue on your own.
Section 3 - Advertising Rules

3.1 - Advert Channel
You may only use the /advert channel to declare an event that requires advertising or to advertise a business that has been approved by the Ministry of Finance. The government may also use it to make server-wide announcements. Your name is hidden while adverting to other players, unless they are RSHA Agents (SD or Gestapo).

3.2 - Advertising Messages
3.2.1: You must declare the following events in the advert channel using the default yellow channel colour:
Government Building Raid/Takeover (See below)
Raid Assist
Patrol Ambush
Mugging (amount)

3.2.2: The building that is being raided/taken over must be specified in the advert message if it is one of the main government buildings. This includes the following: Reichstag, Police Department, Ministry of the Interior, Military Base.
Example: /advert Player Base raid, /advert PD raid, /advert Checkpoint raid

3.2.3: The following government buildings are considered secondary (Advert still required):
Fire Station
Ministry of Labour / Propaganda and Justice

3.2.4: If a government building or checkpoint is being raided, it is considered common knowledge for government/army/law enforcement. This means that they will “know” of and will be able respond to a government building/checkpoint raid the moment it commences. This is not true for other kinds of raids (i.e. player base raids.)

3.3 - Other Events
The following events are available to players but do not require advertisement:
Hostage Execution
Section 4 - Player Event Rules

4.1 - Raiding & Takeover
4.1.1: You may only raid a base once every twenty minutes. This includes government buildings. The twenty minute period starts after the last member of the raid/takeover dies. The raid begins as soon as the required amount of players (see below) has assisted. You may not damage any enemy player before the required amount of players has adverted assist. If the required amounts of players assisting the raid is not met in 5 seconds, the raid is voided.
Example: if you finish raiding a building, you cannot assist a raid to that specific building while the cooldown is active.

4.1.2: To raid a Government building (MB - PD - MOI), you require at least a total of 3 people in your group. You must all advert assist for the raid to be considered valid.
[Advert] Player 1: MB raid
[Advert] Player 2: assist
[Advert] Player 3: assist
Only after this sequence the raid will commence.

4.1.3: To raid a government outpost, checkpoint or secondary building, you require at least a total of 2 people in your group. You must all advert assist for the raid to be considered valid.
[Advert] Player 1: Checkpoint raid
[Advert] Player 2: assist
Only after the sequence the raid will commence.

4.1.4: You need at least a total of 3 people in your group to do a take over in a government checkpoint or outpost/secondary building and at least a total of 5 people to do a government building takeover. After a takeover, you may place a maximum of 2 props per player inside the building and they must not block entrances or force players to crouch/jump.
[Advert] Player 1: PD takeover
[Advert] Player 2: PD assist
[Advert] Player 3: PD assist
[Advert] Player 4: PD assist
[Advert] Player 5: PD assist

4.1.5: You need 2 people in your group to take over a base/building that belongs to a player. You may not place props inside.

4.1.6: When raiding a building, part of your group must attempt to enter (every 5 members, one can remain outside). Sniper-only raids are not allowed.

4.1.7: You may not break NLR to return to a raid after dying. You must wait until your NLR timer expires before going back. This also applies to law enforcement and military personnel.

4.2 - Kidnapping
4.2.1: You may not keep a person as a hostage for more than 10 minutes.

4.2.2: You may not kidnap the same person more than once every 20 minutes.

4.2.3: The maximum ransom you may ask for a hostage is 20,000.00 (20k) Reichsmarks.

4.2.4: You must have a gun pointed at the victim to initiate a kidnap. The victim must either have no weapon drawn or their weapon on safety. You may kidnap a person that has a weapon out only if you are directly behind them.

4.2.5: If you are being kidnapped, you may not break out of your cuffs unless you are in an empty room. You are also not allowed to kill yourself.

4.2.6: As the victim of a kidnap or arrest, you may not attempt to run or pull out a gun when the kidnapper/policeman tries to cuff you. You may not call for assistance through PM/group chat during anytime. While at gunpoint, you must follow the orders of your captor.
Remember: “stripping comms” is not a thing.

4.2.7: As a Kidnapper, you can strip the victim of their weapons. You can also, while keeping them under gunpoint, give them a radio and the possibility of saying something in the group/advert channels. If the victim fails with complying with your requests, it will be considered FailRP.

4.2.8: If an SD or Gestapo agent is kidnapped and tortured for information, he may only disclose the names of their online COs (at that specific time) if he is a CO himself, or NCO names if he is an NCO. Exception is made for both Sturmbannfuhrers, as they know the information about all of their online agents.

If the Mafia/Resistance is arrested and tortured for information, they have a 10 Minute 'RP' window before they must reveal the information that is being requested by the Gestapo/SD if they know it. Mafia Boss,Under Boss,Resistance Leader are to give all names and all others jobs are to give names if they have met the person and know their name, or face a punishment for FailRP/FearRP.

4.3 - Mugging
4.3.1: You must have a gun pointed at the victim to initiate a mugging. The victim must either have no weapon drawn or their weapon on safety.

4.3.2: You may not mug a person for more than 2,500.00 Reichsmarks (2.5k). You may not ask a person to drop their equipment/weapons during a mug.

4.3.3: You may only mug the same person once every 30 minutes.

4.4 - Patrol Ambush
4.4.1 - Resistance may ambush army/police patrols. A patrol is any group of 4 or more soldiers OR any amount of soldiers in a vehicle. At least 3 members of the resistance must be in a group to ambush a patrol.
4.4.2 - Patrol ambushes must only be initiated OUTSIDE of the city. The areas of this are the countryside (past the structure of the Brandenburg Gate and the double fence opening by the red factory), and the forest area (past the train tracks that lie behind the bank).

4.5 - Countering and Assisting
4.5.1: You need a valid IC reason to counter or assist a player action. This means that there must be some kind of RP connection between your character and the action in question.

4.5.2: ‘Citizens of Berlin’ are only allowed to assist in raids with either the Mafia or Resistance, and are not allowed to initiate their own. They are able to also counter to defend themselves ONLY.

4.5.2: You do NOT need to advert counter when the event you’re countering directly affects you or your base. This includes government buildings (soldiers/law enforcement officers/government officials do not need to advert counter when a government building is being raided.)

4.5.3: You may not counter an hostile action if you are in an open and populated area or surrounded by hostile players.

4.5.4: If you are being shot at by another player, you do not have to advert counter to shoot back.

4.5.5: If you are being chased because you are evading arrest, you may shoot the people that are pursuing you, unless you are under gunpoint. You must advert counter.

4.5.6: As Mafia or Resistance, you can only counter up to the double of players opposing you and your group. If you are alone, you may counter up to 2 players; if you and your group mate counter at the same time, you can counter 4 players and so on. You may only shoot right after all of your group have adverted counter

Section 5 - Class Rules
5.1 - Citizen Class Rules
5.1.1: You may align yourself with either the Resistance or the Mafia and assist them in raids. You may do muggings/kidnappings by yourself, but you need a weapon.

5.1.2: You may print and cook cocaine only if you have aligned yourself with either the Resistance or the Mafia.

5.2 - Resistance Class Rules
5.2.1: You may only base with other members of the Resistance.

5.2.2: As a Resistance Arms Dealer, you may only sell weapons to other members of the Resistance. You may not participate in raids/muggings/kidnappings.

5.2.3: You may raid all government buildings, outposts, checkpoints and secondary buildings without a reason. You may ambush patrols.

5.2.4: You may only target the Third Reich and its collaborators with your actions. This includes counters. An exception to this is when a member of the Resistance is involved, therefore you may target players from non-governmental classes if they are posing a threat to them.
Example: A Resistance

5.2.5: Resistance can kidnap all members of the Reich, no matter what rank.

5.2.6: You may cook cocaine and print money.

5.3 - Mafia Class Rules
5.3.1: You may raid player-owned bases, outposts, and checkpoints without a reason. The only government buildings you may raid are the Police Department. You may also raid government secondary buildings.

5.3.2: You may target all players except High Command with your actions, such as counters.

5.3.3: You can be hired by a third party for protection or assistance. Standard raiding rules still apply.

5.3.4: As a mafia arms dealer, you may sell weapons to all interested parties. You may not initiate or assist a raid, mug, or kidnap.

5.3.5: You may cook cocaine and print.

5.3.6: Mafia cannot kidnap higher-ranking officers, this includes Major+, Ministerialinspektor+ and Obersturmbannführer+.

5.4 - Street Level Crime Rules
5.4.1: You may cook cocaine and print.

5.4.2: As a black market dealer, you may not initiate or assist a mug, raid, or kidnap.

5.5 - Government, Law Enforcement & Army Class Rules
5.5.1: You need a valid reason to request a warrant/make a person wanted.

Valid Reasons for a Raid / Warrant / Wanted are as follows:
Gunshots within Property.
Wanted Person’s Property / Suspicion of Harboring Criminals.
Evidence of Illegal Activity.
Explosions, Fire.
House Selected by High Command to be searched during a lockdown.

Invalid Reasons for a Raid / Warrant / Wanted are as follows:
“Sounds of cocaine production/ printers”
NLR Breaking
Text Screens outside the base
Suspicion of illegal activities with no evidence.

5.5.2: You may not perform random ID checks or random house searches.

5.5.3: You may only have one job within the Army/Government/Law Enforcement. High Command and Ministers are allowed to have two.

5.5.4: If a player has a weapon out in public you are allowed to arrest him/her on sight, or use deadly force if you fear for your or other's lives.

5.5.5: In the case of a lockdown, you must tell people to return to their homes and can only arrest a person if they refuse to return to their house.
Section 6 - Building & Prop Rules

6.1 - Fading Doors
6.1.1: You may have a maximum of 2 Fading Doors to get into a base, and a third fading door within the base (I.E. A Cell, Storage etc.)

6.1.2: You must have a keypad / button on both sides of the door in the close vicinity of the door. It must be set so it is open for 5 seconds minimum whenever it is opened.

6.1.3: No Crouch / Jump Bases. Players must be able to enter a base stood up.

6.1.4: Do not Fading Door Abuse (FDA). One a keypad is cracked / opened, it must be open for 5 seconds. You cannot close it before 5 seconds manually. This applies to doors controlled by buttons as well.

6.1.5: You may not build one way shooting props. (Props that you can only see through from one side but you can shoot through). They must either be completely transparent or not see-through at all.

6.1.6: Do not build purely black/white boxes that look completely ugly.

6.1.7: Do not prop minge. This includes spawning props in environments where they do not belong or using props to build things that shouldn't be there (i.e. communist flags/symbols). Building your own base in the forest is also not allowed - you may only build inside one of the pre-existing buildings.

6.1.8: Elevators are forbidden.

6.2 - General Building Rules
6.2.1: Kill on Sight (AOS), Arrest on Sight (AOS), and Away from Keyboard (AFK) signs and lines are not allowed. You need a valid RP reason to kill someone. You may however, take action if someone refuses to leave your property or show identification at a checkpoint, for example.

6.2.2: You are not allowed to block any entrance to your building/apartment/base - every entrance must be accessible.

6.2.3: Only purchase doors / rooms that you plan to use.

6.2.4: You CANNOT “Doom Fort” a Base (One way shooting fences/props etc.) The base must be raidable. A base can be deemed a doom fort and removed by any Administrator +. Unrealistically hard to raid bases can be deemed doom forts as well. Your base must not contain Elevators. Your base has to also look realistic and therefore contain, for example, furniture and props that fit the context of the server.

6.2.5: If you have a Building sign, you cannot do anything illegal - this includes Printing, Cooking cocaine, Kidnapping ETC.

6.2.6: Do not base or build in the streets or the forest. Government checkpoints/propaganda/flags etc are an exception to this.

6.3 - Building Rules for the Government/Army/Law Enforcement
6.3.1: As a member of the Wehrmacht, you may build a checkpoint & defenses near or inside the military base or forest only if commissioned by the High Command.

6.3.2: As a member of the 1.SS, you may build a checkpoint & defenses near or in front of the Reichstag.

6.3.3: Government officials (Wehrmacht or SS) are allowed to construct checkpoints, fortifications or training courses whenever commissioned by their respective High Command members.

6.4 - Checkpoint Rules
6.4.1: At a checkpoint, you must have a sign stating that there is a military/police checkpoint.

6.4.2: You may only ID and weapon check people once they decide to cross the checkpoint. You may not ID check people for being near a checkpoint. The checkpoint itself must have a well-defined spot where IDs are checked and players are only required to present them if they choose to cross.

6.4.3: You can ask civilians to stop loitering near a checkpoint. If they refuse to leave or try to bypass it, you may arrest them.

6.5 - Prop Rules
6.5.1: Do not prop minge/prop climb/prop surf. Only use props for building and only spawn them when it is appropriate.

6.5.2: You may only place props within your own building/base unless you have the base owner’s permission.

6.5.3: Do not spam props. This harms the server and any spammers will be permabanned.

6.6 - Radio Rules
6.6.1: Do not spam radios. You may only have one or two per base, depending on the size.

6.6.2: You may play any sound or song you want as long as it makes sense that it would be played in public in 1943 Nazi Germany and also isn't offensive/ear rape.
Example: at a Government Checkpoint, you may play radio sounds with the 3D Stream Radio tool.

6.6.3: You may only place radios inside your property. The radius much be such that it can barely be heard outside. A good radius would be ranging between 250 and 500 for interiors.
Section 7 - Miscellaneous Rules

7.1 - Pac 3 Rules
7.1.1: Do not use earrape/unrealistic sound effects. Sound effects on PAC3s are forbidden unless clearly authorized by the Server Management Team.

7.1.2: Do not use massive models.

7.1.3: Do not resize/scale yourself, unless granted by the Server Management Team.

7.1.4: Do not change your material at all. This includes using a grass or leaves texture and pretend it’s a camouflage.

7.1.5: Only edit yourself to suit your job / role. Resistance and Mafia can’t make weapons visible, as that would be considered combat-baiting for the Government Officials.

7.1.6: Do not change your model unless permitted from a Server Management Team member.

7.1.7: Do not put any unrealistic stuff on your body which can ruin others experience, such as unrealistic items or models that have nothing to do with the Server Context.

7.1.8: Do not make “PAC Guns”, do not create something that harms players with PAC3. You also can’t substitute the model of a weapon you’re using or its texture.

7.1.9: You may only substitute the standard Mafia or Resistance playermodel with the following two models:
- models/player/lanoire_gray_detective.mdl
- models/player/lanoire_detective.mdl
but not with any other model.

7.2: Wearing weapons/equipment models in clear sight while playing a Civilian/Resistance/Mafia job is not allowed, as it can be considered Combat-Baiting. If you wear unathorized equipment as a Reich Official, you can be prosecuted IC.

Breaking any of these PAC3 rules will result in your PAC3 rights being revoked and a ban depending on which rule you broke.

7.2 - Car Rules
7.2.1: Do not put radios on your vehicle.

7.2.2: Only use vehicles which can be bought from the car dealer - do not make your own prop car.

7.2.3: You can not use the material / colour tool on your car.

7.2.4: Do not place thrusters on your car or edit it in any way.

7.2.5: Do NOT make flying Vehicles - this means using thrusters etc. on normal cars or creating Prop Cars.

7.2.6: Do not attach props to your car.

7.2.7: Speeding with your car for no reason is considered FailRP. Killing people with your car is RDM and car abuse.

7.2.8: You are not allowed to edit your vehicle or any other vehicles in any way, unless you are permitted by event planners to do so because of an event or permitted by the Server Management Team.

7.3 - Tool Gun Rules
7.3.1: Do not abuse your tool gun access. This includes using tools improperly (i.e. spamming radios etc.)

7.3.2: Do not spawn cameras for surveillance. You may only use them for the taking of screenshots and other similar purposes.
7.4 - 3D Stream Radio Rules
7.4.1: Media played in the radio must not have a high volume nor a large radius. It should make the same amount of sound a radio in 1943 can do, exception made for courtyard speakers deployed by Reich Officials.

7.4.2: Media played in the radio must be dated 1943 or prior to it. You cannot use re-adaptations or "remixes" of songs of that period of time: you must get the original record.

7.4.3: Placing the radio in a spot which is not normally accessible by the player spawning it in is forbidden. Courtyard speakers for Reich Officials are an exception for this.

Example: placing a radio really high up in/on a building is not allowed, or any spot you cannot reach yourself.
7.5 - Out of Character to In Character Rules
7.5.1: You may not use out of character information to form events such as coups or other events in game. Such things would include forming a coup in steam chats, discord and teamspeak (for example) only to arrive in-game and suddenly your character decides to participate in a coup with no planning beforehand. This rule also relates to mafia or resistance who organise things out of character. Doing such an act would be done so to break any kind of interference in character. I.e. Officers organising a coup without doing anything in-game means that in-character there is no way to punish them as they have not done anything in-character, only out of character.

7.5.2: You may not initiate, take part in or organize any sort of "investment", where a player gives an amount of money to another for him to "invest". Even though responsibility lies completely with the player giving away the money, we will not allow any sort of "black market" trading of money. Scamming, false advertising, Excessive Charging (Subject to our inspection without notice), Target raiding Protection Racketting (for any amount above the mug standard ) and harrasment/bullying for payment is strictly Not allowed. Any breakges of this rule will result in a Community wide unappealable Ban.

7.5.3: You may not trade in-game items (such as money) for any sort of IRL currency or item. Purchasing money in any place other than on our official store is STRICTLY not allowed. Any breakages of this rule will result in a Community wide unappealable Ban.

Any issues that can not be resolved using these rules will be settled by the highest staff member online at the time. A Server Management Team member whose rank is equal to or exceeds Head-Moderator has the final say over these disputes.

If you have an issue with the conduct or performance of one of our staff members, please post a staff abuse thread on our forums instead of arguing in game. (

If you have any questions regarding one of the rules, feel free to contact a staff member for clarifications.