Introduction to Jailbreak

Jailbreak is a gamemode consisting of two teams - guards and prisoners. The guard team is lead by the Warden whose aim is to eliminate the opposing team through activities of their own choice. It is the job of the guard team to make the prisoners participate in these activities and prevent them from rebelling.

General Rules

  2. Conflicting commands always override, so the latest order from the warden is to be followed.
  3. Do not camp in any healing / medical zones.
  4. Do not disrespect/discriminate against other players.
  5. Do not engage in hate speech based on race/gender/sexuality/disability.
  6. Spamming of any kind is not permitted. (Includes begging)
  7. Intentionally talking over the warden is not tolerated.
  8. Speak/Chat in English only.
  9. Your name must be easy to target, if not staff may ask you to change it.
  10. Your name can be coloured, but your team must be easily recognisable.
  11. Do not impersonate other Staff / Players.
  12. Ghosting (Affecting the game while dead) is not permitted. This includes answering trivia questions.
  13. Do not abuse/exploit any feature of the server or map, especially to gain an advantage over other players.
  14. Sprays must be age appropriate™ (Up to discretion of staff members)
  15. Do not advertise other communities, servers or social media accounts. (Tags in names are fine).
  16. You may not heal during a LR.
  17. Metagaming is not allowed.
  18. Do not attempt to scam other players.
  19. Do not troll / minge.
  20. Do not use any scripts / hacks that will give you competitive advantage.

    Prisoner Rules

  21. Once rebelling, you must actively rebel for the remaining duration of the round. (No camping!)
  22. If you rebel you forfeit your right to a last request.
  23. Custom LRs should be typed in chat to avoid any confusion the next round.
  24. When there are only 3 prisoners alive, they should all compete for LR, else they will be assumed to be rebelling.

    KOS Actions

    - Having a weapon.
    - Blocking a guard so they cannot perform their job
    - Damaging the guards. (Warden may allow the prisoners to punch the guards during specific days)
    - Punching vents.
    - Going through vents / shortcuts.
    - Going into a KOS Area (Armory etc).
    - Disobeying Warden's orders (Includes detouring/delaying).

    Guard Rules

    We recommend having an hours experience on our server before becoming guard.
  25. Only kill a prisoner if they are KOS.
  26. A prisoner's KOS status can never be revoked.
  27. You must follow the Warden’s orders.
  28. You cannot issue commands to prisoners, unless you are echoing the Warden/Server rules
  29. Only the warden can make prisoners KOS during their activities, they are also the designated shooter in said activities unless specified otherwise.
  30. The warden can allow prisoners into KOS areas without them being KOS in order to use different rooms for activities.
  31. If there is a warden, you require their permission to open the cell doors.
  32. Do not body block prisoners, unless they are KOS.
  33. Do not camp in KOS areas unless the current activity requires it, or the armoury is under threat.
  34. Do not gunplant (Deliberately dropping your gun for a prisoner to pick up).
  35. You may not assist prisoners in their efforts to rebel, this includes gun planting.
  36. Favouritism is strictly forbidden, all prisoners must be treated the same.
  37. Do not gun minge (Spraying with gun so commands can’t be heard).
  38. You must actively help the Warden control the prisoners (Either helping out with the activity or stopping a rebelling prisoner).
  39. You must actively seek out rebelling prisoners and attempt to neutralise them.
  40. Last guard Kills All (LGKA) only occurs if there were at least 2 guards at start of the round. LGKA does not apply to the last prisoner alive as they get last request (Unless they rebelled). LGKA does not apply to Wardens.
  41. You may not surf over the prisoners heads during warden activities.
  42. You may not claim warden on a freeday.

    Warden Rules

    We recommend having a few hours of experience on our server before claiming warden.
  43. Activities must be based on skill. Any consisting purely of luck are prohibited (Unless objecting prisoners are given an opt-out).
  44. You must give your initial commands before 9:30, else it will become a freeday.
  45. Do not play any of the banned days listed in the section below.
  46. You cannot make typing as a whole KOS, however you can make typing specific words or phrases KOS (within reason)
  47. All orders must be given via mic and your mic is required to be clear.
  48. If a prisoner does not understand an activity, you must explain it (repeats not necessary)
  49. Any activity requiring the prisoner to be creative such as a joke day must have a reasonable preparation time.
  50. During judged days the entire guard team must be given a short voting window in which they decide who lives. If the vote is 50/50 then the Warden can decide the prisoner's fate. If not all guards vote then decide based on current votes.
  51. You must give a reasonable amount of time to complete a command.
  52. You cannot appoint a guard as warden, as you are the only one to give complex commands.
  53. You may not make cosmetic items KOS (Such as trail gun).
  54. You should be at least 13
  55. You may not decline custom last requests, unless they are unreasonable (at the discretion of staff).
  56. You must grant custom LRs the day after they were requested (8:00 at the latest).
  57. Do not prop spam or use props to reach otherwise unreachable locations.
  58. You may not ask personal questions in trivia / jeopardy days.
  59. Do not abuse the Warden waypoint system (Placing waypoints in incorrect location to confuse prisoners)
  60. Staff reserve the right to demote you for being too "squeaky" or immature.
  61. Do not claim Warden just to give a freeday (unless LR)

    Banned Days

    Any attempt to do the following days may result in punishment:
    - Roulette Day (Days with no skill involved, unless objecting prisoners are able to opt-out)
    - Bet Day (Guard team kill themselves to win bets).
    - Brick Day (Counting bricks on a wall all day).
    - Cell Day (Keeping prisoners in their cells doing no activities).
    - Confinement Day (Trapping/confining the prisoners with no real goal).
    - KOS Area Day (Any day requiring prisoners to enter KOS areas to then be killed).
    - Man Cannon Day (Firing prisoners out of the Man Cannon with no real goal).
    - Non-Consensual Disrespect/Insults Day targeted at specific individuals.
    - Opposite Day (Prisoners control guards).
    - Singing Day (Due to micspam).
    - Spray Day (Spraying a spray to the highest point you can reach).
    - Money day (Forcing prisoners to pay ingame points).

    Freeday Criteria and Rules

    For a freeday to occur, one of the follow criteria must be met:
    - There is no Warden after 9:30
    - A command has not been given before 9:30.
    - A command has not been given before cell doors have opened.
    - The Warden has been killed/slain.
    - The custom LR of the previous round was a freeday.
    - The Warden’s initial commands are unclear (or is giving continuously unclear commands).
    - The Warden has issued a freeday for all prisoners.

    Rules of freeday:
    - Friendly fire may not be turned on.
    - Prisoners are allowed to go anywhere on the map (Excludes KOS areas and shortcuts).
    - If there is currently no warden, you may not claim the position.


    Contrary to what some people seem to believe, this is all true.
    - Prisoner KOS status cannot be revoked
    - Standing on top of a weapon is not KOS
    - Regarding LGKA, prisoner count is irrelevant (excluding LR)
    - Non KOS areas: The roof of the main cell area, the armoury stairs, the disco speaker, the man-cannon and 4 corners/Simon says water.
    - If the command "AFK frozen" is given, prisoners must have their fists down. This is different to "AFK" in which players can have their fists raised.


    Failure to comply with any of the rules stated above may result in any of the following:
    - Being Gagged/Muted.
    - Being Slain.
    - Receiving a warn.
    - Being Removed/Restricted from the Guard Team.
    - Being Kicked.
    - Being Banned.

    If you receive 3 active warnings you will be automatically kicked.
    If you receive 5 active warnings you will be automatically banned for 1 day.

    Players with a large amount of warns may receive more extreme punishments due to their previous history.

    Staff decisions are final, if you have any issues then make a thread on the forums or speak to a high ranking staff member to get it resolved, ideally with evidence.

    Thank you for reading,
    The Despicable Me Cast