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Merry Christmas everybody; as with every year we are giving back to the Community by running a seasonal sale for you guys on all packages! The more you donate the more presents you get from the Community this Christmas!


You can view the sale here:


We are also running a super saving on the Everything Collection Package, which can be found here:


Merry Christmas & a happy New Year everyone!

Harland Kearney,

Werwolf Gaming Founder

Hey guys,

As for any thriving Community, there comes a time when we must upgrade our hardware to keep up with growing populations and needs.

We have decided to upgrade all of our machines to new Hardware in order to better perform for your needs. Ip’s will changing as a result

IP Changes:

Nazi Germany Roleplay 1943:

SCP Roleplay:

StarWars Roleplay:


In order to help raise funds for the upgrade, we will be running a fundraiser for the next 7 days; you can donate on the right-hand side of the page: Please PM me on Teamspeak 3 once you have donated in order to receive your tag, you must donate at least £1.00; we still accept all donation through ofc.

Please use this link to donate via PayPal:


We will be upgrading all of our CPU’s to the i7 7700K this December, and then again to the i7 9700k in February. There will also be other network upgrades due to a better infrastructure and faster service which can be provided to us by the new host.

Needless to say; as a Community, we rely on you the members of the Community to help us economically keep us afloat; as you can imagine this upgrade is not cheap.

I will not list any specific figures publicly here but I am running a Community Meeting on the 13th December 7 PM (London Time) where I can go into more detail and are happy to answer financial questions. Since after all it is your donations which will be upgrading your gameplay for the future!


All of our IP’s will be changing, we cannot avoid this but we are going to list them below. You will only be able to connect (view) these IP’s after Friday at 2:00 A.M. You can favourite them now however for future use.

The Old server IP’s can still be used to connect to for the next 21 days, you will be reconnected but we recommend adding the new IP’s to your Steam favourites for faster load in times.


Thank you for your support,

Harland Kearney

Werwolf Gaming Founder


Hey guys;

The new Lightsaber crafting system has finally dropped! You can customize, create and invent your own Lightsaber setups.

The way this works is that players can fill up their inventory with Crystals, Lightsaber Hilts, blueprints and other upgrades. There are over 160 different items to collect and use to customize your Jedi bringing massive diversity to the Jedi faction for the first time on our server. We are using a rarity system so certain crystals like for E.G Unstably inner dark crystals will spawn extremely rarely on the server.

For those who wish to support the new system financially, we also allow certain items to be purchased for a donation to the Community:

Build your Lightsaber via the Store

Please note; ALL ITEMS can be granted ingame, so there are no strictly restricted pay to win items.


Other Patch notes:

  • Fixed force leap power bug; removed cool down.
  • Fixed Dual lightsaber not attacking consistently; can now attack whilst in movement.
  • Made minor typo fixes to Skill Trees
  • Minor typo fixes to adverts and GUI
  • Performance improvements in backend code (better pings)
  • Updated TFA to the latest version, new animations and better code for both server and client side performance.




We hope you enjoy this fresh December quick patch; there will be more to come over the month <3,

Harland Kearney,

Werwolf Gaming Founder,