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DarkRP is now out officially. After testing the server for sometime it is now public. We will not be relocking the server unless we run into a serious issues.
I would really love if you give Werwolf Gamings new project a chance here IP:
You can read about the server here, however, this post does not include all the content we have to offer.
Thank you,
Hope to see you online!
Harland Kearney

Werwolf Gaming has upgraded its network & machine performance! Better pings and stability are here.


Hey guys, the long-awaited network upgrade is live. This will impact all of our servers positively with brand new hardware upgrades, for those interested in the specs here is what your support money is currently housing our Community.


CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-9700k (OCed to 5.1 Ghz)

RAM: 16 GB 2400 mhz

SSD, 500 GB Studio performance

High priority network designed for gaming and reliability. Under stress and firewall protected.


We hope you check it out.


Thanks, everyone

Harland Kearney

Werwolf Gaming Founder

A Star Wars update has been released. We have made some nice additions and wanted changes to the server. You can read the full update post on our thread, here:

Hope you enjoy

Harland Kearney

Werwolf Gaming Founder