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Hey guys,

I am very excited to confirm this saturday as the release for our new mini gamemode, Trouble in Terrorist Town.

Check it out now!

You can favorite the IP here:

Hope to see you there,

Harland Kearney,

Werwolf Gaming Founder

WW2NRP Update Changelog
Nazi Germany Roleplay IP:

New Company

  • A brand new military company has been added to the server, the 4th Logistics Support Company! Its responsibilities involve supplying the Wehrmacht with rations and attachments for their weaponry, improving their effectiveness in combat. Equipped with deadly C96 carbines, they truly are a force to be reckoned with.

New props

  • A WW2-inspired prop pack has been added to the server, featuring fortifications and supplies crates.

New classes for 7th SS and 23rd Infantry Division

  • New specialist classes have been added to the 2 free regiments of the server. 7th SS and 23rd Infantry Division both received a Scharfschutze (Sharpshooter) job. They also received a Sturmpolizist and Pioneer class respectively.
  • Scharfschutze: sharpshooter class, equipped with a scoped Karabiner 98 Kurz for the 7th SS and a scoped Gewehr 43 for the 23rd Infantry Division, with the C96 pistol as a side weapon
  • 7th SS Sturmpolizist: specialist class equipped with the powerful Sturmgewehr 44 and a Stielhandgranate
  • 23rd Infantry Division Pioneer: pioneer class equipped with the semi-automatic rifle Gewehr 43 and an entrenching tool

New playermodels for events

  • New US Army playermodels have been added to add variety in the events together with various event jobs for the event team.

New vehicles

  • A pack featuring WW2 Soviet vehicles has been added, opening possibilities for new events
  • The Mercedes-Benz Typ 290 W18 was also added to suit server’s context

New playermodels for Mafia, Resistance and Gestapo and Civilian Jobs

  • New playermodels featuring fedoras have been added to be used by Mafia, Resistance and Gestapo jobs
  • Playermodel changes have been applied to the Doctor and Medic jobs to suit server’s context, removing any leftover Half-Life 2 models from the server.

Updated Radio

  • A WW2 German themed radio has been added to the server
  • The standard 3D Radio Stream addon has been updated to the latest version

Ration packs and changes for the Wehrmacht Medical Staff

  • A pack of Wehrmacht Rations has been added to the server. Rations will restore HP and will be distributed by the logistics company.
  • Name and medikit changes have been applied to the Wehrmacht Medical Staff job

Revamp of the Gestapo jobs

  • Three new ranks were added to the Gestapo to allow for more mobility.
  • New equipment has been added to the Gestapo jobs to suit their RP needs
  • New models added for all Gestapo, including black uniforms and civilian outfits with fedoras.

Other Changes

  • Grossdeutschland and NSDAP salaries have been adjusted.
  • Grossdeutschland NCOs have been given grenades.
  • Feldgendarmerie now has enlisted ranks and weapon checkers.
  • Anwarter models have been updated.
  • Many minor bug fixes.

If you find any errors or bugs, please inform us on the forums!
Harland Kearney,
Werwolf Gaming Founder

We are happy to announce that an issue affecting some players has been patched.


Bug Fix report:

  • Fixed “lua panic” and load in crashes after a few mins of gameplay
  • Improved clientside FPS rendering of the player count timer
  • Improves stability for all users, including those not affected by the lua panic issue.


This fix is applied to all servers.

Credits to Tomsa for patching the issue.



Harland Kearney,

Werwolf Gaming Founder.

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